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How can we really achieve sustainability in the travel sector

Peter Lochbihler, World Economic Forum Tourism

Sustainable tourism is not just about air travel, there is a great opportunity for emission reductions in the accommodations sector as well.

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Hot topic: can travel to the Arctic ever be sustainable?

Kerry Walker, National Geographic Tourism

With the Arctic warming three times faster than the rest of the planet, can travel to the region ever be sustainable? Select tours to Svalbard suggest small group trips may be a force for good.

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Restoring an island paradise

World Ocean Initiative, The Economist Group Tourism

An innovative resort in Indonesia is simultaneously providing jobs for locals and protecting the marine environment.

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Phi Phi islands’ sustainable tourism renaissance – in pictures

The Guardian Tourism

Mass tourism had brought the archipelago to the brink of ecological catastrophe.

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Reframing tourism to address plastic pollution

UNEP Plastics & Pollution Tourism

At the intersection of greater environmental awareness, stricter public health measures and the return of the tourism industry lies an enduring threat: plastic pollution.

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Travel Industry Takes Crucial First Step Toward Combating Climate Change

Ceylan Yeginsu, The New York Times Tourism

More than 300 travel companies, tourism boards and countries have signed the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism, the first step for a shared road map to cut carbon emissions.

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How a new platform is helping leaders in sustainable tourism build strong partnerships

Stephanie Walden, Business Insider Tourism

The not-for-profit The Sigmund Project connects sustainability-focused innovators in tourism.

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These Maldives islanders once saw sharks as the threat. Now they fear the plastic

Graeme Green, The Guardian Plastics & Pollution Tourism

Diving with tiger sharks off Fuvahmulah brought a tourist boom that has led to a destructive tide of plastic waste. But now locals are pushing back.

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People want to do right by nature. They just need a nudge, study shows

Mongabay Plastics & Pollution Tourism

Subtle messaging and cues can encourage tourists to engage in behaviors that protect the marine ecosystem, a new study says.

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Google Is Now Helping Travelers Go Green

Julia Eskins, Bloomberg Tourism

The search giant’s new tools for finding sustainable hotels is one of several ways consumers can cut through all the industry greenwashing.

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The 10 most innovative travel companies of 2021

Fast Company Tourism

From Airbnb and Hipcamp to Delta Airlines and Ennismore hotels, these 10 travel companies found reasons to be optimistic in an unprecedented year for tourism and hospitality.

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We urgently need to kickstart tourism’s recovery but crisis offers an opportunity to rethink it

Isabelle Durant, World Economic Forum Tourism

We must look beyond the immediate restart of tourism – this crisis is an opportunity to rethink tourism policies and management.

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Creating zero-emission aviation with hydrogen and electric power

Timothy Reuter & David Hyde, World Economic Forum Energy Solutions Tourism

The path to zero emissions for the aviation sector by 2050 requires a combination of solutions where new propulsion and fuel technologies will play a major role.

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Foreign debt and vast ocean: successfully financing marine conservation in Seychelles

World Ocean Initiative, The Economist Group Tourism

This week's speaker blog for World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific, by Angelique Pouponneau, CEO of the Seychelles’ Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust.

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Clean jet fuel needs to be more like a microwave oven

Bill Gates Energy Solutions Tourism

Introducing a new way to invest in clean energy innovation.

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The future of flying is closer than ever. Sustainable fuel is the key

Lauren Uppink, World Economic Forum Energy Solutions Tourism

The World Economic Forum’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow initiative created a new certificate system to enable customers to take ownership of their emissions reduction goals.

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Will tourism recover from the Covid-19 crisis sustainably?

World Economic Forum Tourism

The World Ocean Summit heard about the sector’s pathways towards environmental sustainability.

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How nature tourism can help drive a green COVID-19 recovery

Michael Taylor, Thomson Reuters Foundation Tourism

For every dollar governments invested in protected areas and nature-based tourism in 2019, the economic rate of return was at least six times higher, finds World Bank report

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A new era of sustainable travel prepares for take-off

Sadiq Gillani, World Economic Forum Tourism

Rebuilding travel sustainably in the wake of the pandemic has become a priority for the industry.

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Decarbonising aviation requires a transition to sustainable fuel. Here’s how governments can help.

Kevin Soubly & Lauren Uppink, World Economic Forum Energy Solutions Tourism

Decarbonising aviation is only possible with the support of both international political leadership and public-private collaboration.

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