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New Markets Could Catalyze Seaweed’s Regenerative Potential on Land and Sea

Nature Conservancy Fisheries & Aquaculture

Report Published by The Nature Conservancy and Bain & Company Identifies Path Forward to Drive Growth and Decarbonize Supply Chains

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We can help beat the climate crisis by investing in nature

Carter Roberts & Yannick Glemarec, World Economic Forum

Here are three key ingredients for successful and impactful nature-based solutions to the climate crisis.

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A Legal Framework for Impact: Sustainability Impact in Investor Decision-Making

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Does the law require institutional investors to pursue sustainability goals?

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If one gives you $100.000 or $500.000, where would you invest it? What is your long-term investment strategy?

Bertrand Piccard

I believe changing the way we invest our money is crucial to fight climate change and build a more sustainable economic system.

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This is why it’s good business to invest in nature conservation

Johnny Wood, World Economic Forum

Nature-based solutions can increase health, business and the economy.

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Investing in sustainable energy can enable resilient societies in race to net-zero

Henrik Andersen, World Economic Forum Energy Solutions

We need public-private collaboration and investment in sustainable energy systems to strengthen existing infrastructure and scale-up innovation.

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Investing in Nature for a Resilient Future

Jennifer Morris, The Nature Conservancy

We are witnessing one of the fastest economic transitions ever known—but there is still time to incorporate nature-positive recovery plans that support a more resilient future for people, the planet and economic prosperity.

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Building the Business Case for Zero-Plastic Waste Investing

Elena Johansson, ESG Investor Plastics & Pollution

Solving the complex plastic pollution challenge is possible with ambition and concerted efforts.

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What’s Good for the Ocean May Also Be Good for Business

Tatiana Schlossberg, New York Times Fisheries & Aquaculture Shipping & Ports

Companies are trying to prove that conservation, sustainable fishing and carbon sequestration are profitable.

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Finance flocks to aquaculture, despite the impact of Covid-19

Rob Fletcher, The Fish Site Fisheries & Aquaculture

While the aquaculture sector may have suffered numerous setbacks following the outbreak of Covid-19 the finance sector has shown a remarkable appetite to invest in it.

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How investors can finance a sustainable ocean economy

World Ocean Initiative, The Economist Group

Current investment levels are a drop in the ocean. New tools can help financiers. One just launched at the World Ocean Summit.

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How to Invest in Ocean Energy

Alice Stuart Energy Solutions

Ocean energy is one of several emerging technologies to create "clean" and renewable power sources. Two kinds of ocean energy technologies exist: wave and tidal. Wave technology consists of a large buoy that can absorb energy from any direction. Tidal energy is less universal, capturing energy from one direction only, but is more predictable, as the size of the waves are predictable.  

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Ocean Investment Platform

World Ocean Council

The recent trends for wealth fund operators and asset managers highlight the opportunities for long term investment in key sectors, including port infrastructure development and adaptation, sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, offshore renewable energy and other areas.

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Sovereign Blue Bond Issuance

World Bank Fixed Income

Learn about Blue Bonds and how they can be used to finance marine and ocean-based projects that have positive environmental, economic and climate benefits. This article explains the details behind the Seychelles Blue Bond.

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Eggs and Baskets: the Secret of Resilient Investing

Natural Investments

Diversification is, at its root, a response to the ancient admonition you might have learned from grandma: don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. If that basket drops they could all break, ruining your and grandma’s breakfast! 

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