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Ocean Plastic Pollution Flows From More Rivers Than Previously Thought

Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch Plastics & Pollution

A new study published in Science Advances Friday found that 80 percent of the plastic that enters the world's oceans via rivers comes from more than 1,000 waterways.

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In Search of the Rivers that Carry Plastic into the Ocean

Lourens Meijer, The Ocean Cleanup Plastics & Pollution

1000 rivers account for nearly 80% of global riverine plastic emissions into the ocean, according to our study, published in Science Advances.

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Innovations in reusable packaging need a playbook. Here's why

Tom Szaky & Erin Simon, World Economic Forum Plastics & Pollution

We need cross-sector consensus to define the standards of reusable packaging so businesses can innovate and scale-up solutions.

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Better product design and recycling can curb plastic waste

World Ocean Initiative, The Economist Group Plastics & Pollution

World Ocean Summit session highlights benefits of designing products with end of life in mind, and improving waste management.

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Building the Business Case for Zero-Plastic Waste Investing

Elena Johansson, ESG Investor Plastics & Pollution

Solving the complex plastic pollution challenge is possible with ambition and concerted efforts.

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The Recycling Industry in America Is Broken

Tiffany Duong, EcoWatch Plastics & Pollution

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. According to The National Museum of American History, this popular slogan, with its iconic three arrows forming a triangle, embodied a national call to action to save the environment in the 1970s.

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Japan to release Fukushima water into sea after treatment

Aaron Sheldrick & Yuka Obayashi, Reuters Plastics & Pollution

Japan will release more than 1 million tonnes of contaminated water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea, the government said on Tuesday, a move China called “extremely irresponsible”, while South Korea summoned Tokyo’s ambassador in Seoul to protest.

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Airborne plastic pollution ‘spiralling around the globe’, study finds

Damian Carrington, The Guardian Plastics & Pollution

Rising levels of microplastic pollution raise questions about the impact on human health, experts say.

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4 Ways to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Carole Excell, World Resources Institute Plastics & Pollution

A whopping 8 million tons of plastic winds up in the ocean each year, endangering wildlife and polluting ecosystems.

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How can we better dispose of PPE so it doesn’t keep polluting our oceans?

Talib Visram, Fast Company Plastics & Pollution

It’s another sad reality of the COVID-19 era that some of the steps we’re taking to stay safe and combat the coronavirus spread are often in opposition to hard-fought efforts to curb the use of plastics for a cleaner planet.

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New surveys reveal heightened concern about ocean pollution

World Ocean Initiative, The Economist Group Energy Solutions Plastics & Pollution

The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed more than 1,000 global executives and 3,000 consumers.

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Plastic pollution disproportionately hitting marginalized groups, UN environment report finds

UN News Plastics & Pollution

Vulnerable communities disproportionately bear the brunt of environmental degradation caused by plastics pollution, and action is urgently needed to address the issue and restore access to human rights, health and well-being, according to a new UN report published on Tuesday.

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Sir David Attenborough Backs New Tech That Can Recycle All Plastics

David Vetter, Forbes Plastics & Pollution

Wildlife filmmaker Sir David Attenborough has appeared in a video campaign for a new plastic recycling technology in the U.K., alongside other naturalists calling for stronger protections for the world’s oceans.

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The future of the plastics industry is green

Mikhail Karisalov, World Economic Forum Plastics & Pollution

The transition to a green economy will impact the global petrochemical industry.

We need a systems-level approach from companies and governments worldwide to address plastic and protect our environment.

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U.S. Continues to Ship Illegal Plastic Waste to Developing Countries

Tiffany Duong, EcoWatch Plastics & Pollution

The majority of the world is working together to reverse the massive plastic pollution problem. But, the world's leading producer of plastic waste, the U.S., isn't on board and isn't following the rules.

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Covid-19 worsened the single-use plastics problem. Here’s why it could also fuel solutions

Melissa Repko & Emma Newburger, CNBC Plastics & Pollution

The pandemic disrupted retailers’ efforts to reduce use of non-recyclable plastics, from grocery bags to plastic forks.

Some grocers, such as Giant Eagle, brought back single-use plastic bags at stores and some states postponed enforcement of bag bans.

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6 environmental documentaries we all need to see

Adrian Lobb, The Big Issue Plastics & Pollution

Ahead of Global Recycling Day, we take a look at some of the most vital environmental documentaries ever made.

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Plastic bags recycled into fabric to fight pollution

Helen Briggs, BBC Plastics & Pollution

Scientists have made fabrics from polythene in a move they say could reduce plastic pollution and make the fashion industry more sustainable.

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California Lawmakers Propose Package of New Laws Tackling Plastic Waste Reduction

Senator Ben Allen, California Plastics & Pollution

While celebrating advocacy for protection of natural resources during Ocean Day at the State Capitol, legislators announced a package of bills to address the mounting waste crisis affecting California’s coastline, landfills, and ratepayers.

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Could plastic roads make for a smoother ride?

Chermaine Lee, BBC Energy Solutions Plastics & Pollution

From lower carbon emissions to fewer potholes, there are a number of benefits to building a layer of plastic into roads.

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