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US Invests $3.9 Million for Ocean-based Climate Resilience Accelerators

Marine Technology News Energy Solutions

The Department of Commerce and NOAA on Tuesday announced $3.9 million in awards to help small businesses improve climate resilience in communities across the nation.

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How ocean observations power the fight against climate change

World Ocean Initiative, The Economist Group Energy Solutions

In the ongoing battle against climate change, the ocean’s significance is unparalleled.

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UNCW Launches Blue Economy Index

UNC Energy Solutions

UNC Wilmington Blue Economy Index brings together academics, science and business to create a unique product that brings awareness to a global concern about ocean preservation and economic development.

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Oceans “Forgotten” in Nature-related Analyses – UNEP FI

Vibeka Mair, ESG Investor Energy Solutions

New research, published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, found that ocean temperatures last year smashed previous heat records.

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Blue economy can provide investment opportunity, deliver environmental return

Krystle HIggins, IPE Energy Solutions

Transformations within the blue economy have been gaining increasing interest among investors.

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Why Nautical Investors Are Pouring Capital Into Better, Lower-Carbon Ships And Boats

Joanna Glasner, Crunchbase Energy Solutions

A Crunchbase data analysis has found that companies dedicated to improving the performance and reducing the carbon footprint of ships and watercraft have collectively raised more than $1.1 billion to date. 

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COP28: mainstreaming the ocean agenda

Back to Blue Energy Solutions

While COP28 left many concerned about the state of progress on the climate, it was one of the most promising conferences yet for addressing crucial issues concerning the ocean.

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3 ways public-private partnerships can help restore ocean health

World Economic Forum Energy Solutions

Ocean health is measurably in decline due to threats such as acidification, warming, deoxygenation and overfishing.

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How Saudi Arabia is unlocking the power of the blue economy

World Economic Forum Energy Solutions

Under Saudi Vision 2030, blue economy investments will flow into Saudi’s coastlines which run for 2,640 kilometres across the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea.

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Interest swelling in ocean carbon removal

Rochelle Baker, Island Insider Energy Solutions

Brad Ack gets why people might be leery about using fledgling technologies to sink billions of tonnes of carbon pollution in the ocean to tackle the climate crisis.

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Marine conservation technology hub rises from old L.A. wharf – analysis

David Helvarg, Mongabay Energy Solutions

AltaSea is a non-profit project founded in 2014 that in less than 10 years has become a leading ‘blue economy’ ocean research hub.

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COP28: Incremental advancement over business as usual

Economic Impact Energy Solutions

While incremental advancement over business as usual have been tracking, more action is needed on ocean issues.

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Oceans: A vast opportunity in climate and biodiversity investing

Brad Harrison & Grant Mulligan, ALTI Energy Solutions

Despite the challenges, the oceans are the single biggest carbon sink on the planet, with biodiversity so rich we are still regularly discovering new species.

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Drive to create a capital market for the ocean moves from concept to reality

Oceanographic Magazine Energy Solutions

In spite of the controversies surrounding COP28, progress has been made this year at mobilising finance capital into improving the sustainability of the ocean. 

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Blue Mediterranean Partnership steps up support for sustainable blue economy

Vanora Bennett, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Energy Solutions

At COP28, partners and donors involved in the Blue Mediterranean Partnership reinforced their support for developing the sustainable blue economy in the southern Mediterranean region.

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Support for ‘Blue Deal’ Highlights Importance of Ocean Economy

Tom Lydon, VettaFi Energy Solutions

An investment of $2.8 trillion today in four sustainable ocean solutions would yield net benefits of $15.5 trillion by 2050.

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The Ocean Is Our Best Chance to Survive Climate Change

Peter Thomson, Time Magazine Energy Solutions

The development of a sustainable ocean economy includes a myriad of climate adaptation and mitigation opportunities.

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Accelerating Power at Sea for a Thriving Blue Economy

Samantha Cuneo, NREL Energy Solutions

New prize challenges competitors to seek innovative solutions to help ensure energy endurance in ocean extremes.

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Betting big on the ocean economy

Julie Pullen, World Ocean Initiative Energy Solutions

Nature markets are valued at almost $10trn a year, of which the ocean economy represents a growing portion.

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Blue Economy Has Bountiful Investment Opportunity

Tom Lydon, VettaFi Energy Solutions

Amid the clean technology and renewable energy booms, investors have been treated to heaping doses of the phrase “green economy."

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