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ESG the focus in launch of aquaculture-focused Peritus Capital

Cliff White, SeafoodSource Fisheries & Aquaculture

A new boutique investment firm is seeking to make an impact in the aquaculture sector by tying capital financing in with the integration of environmental and social governance (ESG) principles.


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Seaweed biotech facility opens in New Zealand

The Fish Site Fisheries & Aquaculture

A brand-new aquaculture facility has been opened in the New Zealand port of Tauranga as part of a $13 million algal biotechnology research project.

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Investors and policymakers urged not to overlook freshwater fish farms

The Fish Site Fisheries & Aquaculture

The growth and improvement of freshwater aquaculture systems should not be neglected, despite a widespread tendency by investors and policymakers to look towards the oceans as the key area for the growth of global fish farming.

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Is seaweed the solution to agriculture’s methane problem?

Ian Caldwell Fisheries & Aquaculture

Adding seaweed to animals’ diet specifically to reduce their methane production is a relatively new idea.

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Can the growth of aquaculture help restore the health of our ocean?

Robert Jones and Georg Baunach Fisheries & Aquaculture

Aquaculture is now the fastest growing form of food production. But can we go a step further and create a future where aquaculture grows in a way that contributes positively to ocean health?

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Plans to create a $60 million seaweed farm unveiled

The Fish Site Fisheries & Aquaculture

Plans to invest $60 million to create the world’s largest kelp farm 3-10 kilometres off the coast of Namibia have been announced today.

A joint project involving Kelp Blue, Climate Investor Two (CI2) and the Namibia Infrastructure Development and Investment Fund (NIDIF), the funding will cover the initial five-year phase, and will come from both international and local Namibian sources through CI2 and NIDIF, pending investment approvals, while Kelp Blue will seek the necessary Namibian regulatory approvals and will liaise closely with local authorities.

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UK firm turning industrial CO2 into fish food secures €2.5m boost

Toby Hill, Business Green Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture

Work to scale-up production of a protein animal feed aimed at transforming the aquaculture industry has received a boost this week, with UK biotech company Deep Branch having secured €2.5m funding from the Europe Innovation Council (EIC).

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Data drives Bloomberg’s support for climate solutions

Rhett Butler Fisheries & Aquaculture

Bloomberg Philanthropies, the foundation launched by businessman and former New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, is one of the world’s largest charitable organizations. One of its priority focal areas is the environment: specifically combating climate change by accelerating the transition to clean energy, greening the world’s cities, and protecting the health and productivity of oceans.

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How planting 70 million eelgrass seeds led to an ecosystem’s rapid recovery

Joseph Polidoro, Science News Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture

In the world’s largest seagrass restoration project, scientists have observed an ecosystem from birth to full flowering.

As part of a 20-plus-years project, researchers and volunteers spread more than 70 million eelgrass seeds over plots covering more than 200 hectares, just beyond the wide expanses of salt marsh off the southern end of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

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Can the ocean fix our broken food systems?

Sophie Ryan, World Ocean Initiative Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture

As one of the most resource-efficient protein production sectors and one of the most nutritious foods available, farmed fish has the potential to meet growing demand for food in a way that serves people and protects the planet. But can it live up to the promise, asks Sophie Ryan, chief executive officer of the Global Salmon Initiative.

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5 economic opportunities for a sustainable ocean economy

World Economic Forum Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture Plastics & Pollution Shipping & Ports

The ocean economy is one that has been overlooked by COVID-19 stimulus packages to date, write World Resources Institute experts. However, supporting the ocean economy has significant benefits, with every $1 invested returning $5.

Here are 5 ocean priorities can help its economic output and support the wider economy.

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Blue carbon: the climate change solution you’ve probably never heard of

Stephanie Wood, Fisheries & Aquaculture

Coastal ecosystems like salt marshes sequester millions of tonnes of carbon, but have been whittled away over the decades. Now Canadian scientists are looking to re-flood marshes in an effort to mitigate the impacts of sea-level rise and store carbon, and seaweed is having its moment in the spotlight.

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Why demand for seaweed is about to boom

CNBC Fisheries & Aquaculture

Seaweed is used in more than just sushi. It can be found in almond milk, baby food and lotion. Kelp is used in medicine, animal feed, fertilizer and even as a biofuel.

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The ocean farmers trying to save the world with seaweed

MÉLISSA GODIN for TIME Fisheries & Aquaculture

As climate change wreaks havoc on ecosystems across the planet, the world is turning to seaweed as a potential climate change solution

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Grieg Seafood granted five new licenses to farm 30,000 tonnes of salmon in Newfoundland

Editorial staff, Salmon Business Fisheries & Aquaculture

Long-term annual harvest potential of 30,000-45,000 tonnes.

In a press release on the Oslo Stock Exchange, Grieg Seafood writes that it has been granted five new farming licenses in Newfoundland, Canada, reaching eight licenses in the region, corresponding to a total production capacity of up to 30 000 tonnes of the annual harvest.

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Global investors boost New Zealand red seaweed farming venture

Writing staff, NZ Herald Fisheries & Aquaculture

Aquaculture startup CH4 Global is increasing its New Zealand operations to turn sustainable red seaweed into methane-busting livestock feed.


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Mussels to be poured on mussel shell reef to revive 'devastated' population

Chloe Ranford Fisheries & Aquaculture

A boatload of mussel shells have been sunk off Marlborough’s shores to create a reef that will help revive marine life and a multimillion-dollar industry.

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Why science and innovation are crucial for a blue recovery

WORLD OCEAN INITIATIVE Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture Plastics & Pollution Shipping & Ports Tourism

The latest World Ocean Initiative webinar highlights recent developments in promoting ocean science, developing technological innovations and boosting financing instruments.

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Seaweed: The food and fuel of the future?

Adrienne Murray Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture

Seaweed production has boomed. Between 2005 and 2015 volumes doubled, surpassing 30 million tonnes annually, reports the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization.

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Can sustainable aquaculture feed the world?

James Richens Fisheries & Aquaculture

With wild-fish stocks falling, a huge increase in farmed fish will be needed to meet the protein needs of the planet. James Richens reports on how the search for sustainable sources is focusing on the deep oceans, on land and even the laboratory

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