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Pingree bill would support aquaculture, ecosystems, and the blue economy

Brent Addleman, The Center Square Fisheries & Aquaculture

Supporting Maine’s aquaculture and economy is the focus of a new bipartisan U.S. House bill.

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Why big names are backing seaweed-based biostimulants

Rob Fletcher, The Fish Site Fisheries & Aquaculture

Seaweed’s greatest potential to be both commercially successful and environmentally positive is using it as a biostimulant in order to increase terrestrial crops yields, while reducing the traditional agriculture sector’s reliance on chemical fertiisers, rather than as a means of sequestering blue carbon.

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Quantifying Mangroves’ Value As A Climate Solution And Economic Engine

Rob Jordan, Standford News Fisheries & Aquaculture

Quantifying mangroves’ value as a climate solution and economic engine.

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What Will It Take To Get Institutional Investors Interested in Blue Economy Aquaculture?

Hanna Gezelius , IntraFish Fisheries & Aquaculture

The blue economy is attracting growing investor interest, and more capital is coming into the sector, but there are still not enough funds to support the sector, Ocean 14 Capital co-founder Chris Gorell-Barnes said during a panel discussion at the event, which ran May 23 - 24.

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Regenerative Aquaculture Crucial To Avoid Seafood Shortage by 2050

The Fish Site Fisheries & Aquaculture

According to a new report published by non-profit financial think tank Planet Tracker, even in the most optimistic scenario of improving current aquaculture practices, a 50 million tonne supply gap would still exist by 2050, meaning change is critical.

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Countries must forge ‘Global Blue Deal’ to protect the ocean: UNCTAD

United Nations Fisheries & Aquaculture Shipping & Ports Tourism

The ocean can provide vast opportunities for developing countries to build more innovative and resilient economies, but climate change, pollution and overfishing threaten the livelihoods of some three billion people who rely on it for food and income.

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Why we should embrace the seaweed revolution

Vincent Doumeizel, World Ocean Initiative Fisheries & Aquaculture

A blog by Vincent Doumeizel, senior adviser for ocean at the UN Global Compact and director of the food programme at Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

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LA innovators dive into the sustainable ‘blue economy’

Zeke Reed, KCRW Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture

Part incubator, part research facility, and part educational institution, AltaSea supports scientists, entrepreneurs, and students working to make Los Angeles a global hub for the so-called “blue economy” — the aquatic equivalent of the sustainable green economy on land.

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Bluer horizons: Putting coastal communities before carbon markets

Mark Hillsdon, Reuters Fisheries & Aquaculture Tourism

Several partnerships are looking to bring businesses and governments together to start protecting mangroves and other blue carbon at scale.

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Meet the startups disrupting the blue food sector

The Fish Site Fisheries & Aquaculture

An impressive number of startups are due to showcase their technologies at the forthcoming Blue Food Innovation Summit.

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Why Earth’s giant kelp forests are worth $500 billion a year

Gemma Conroy, Nature Fisheries & Aquaculture

Analysis estimates that kelp forests are at least three times more valuable for food and the planet than previously thought.

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Wind, wave, sun and more: could ocean-based power help alleviate a growing energy crisis?

World Ocean Initiative, The Economist Group Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture

Experts at the 10th annual World Ocean Summit highlighted how blue-energy projects can be designed to support conservation, aquaculture and more.

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Why the UN High Seas Treaty is significant for the blue economy

Kris Atkinson, Money Marketing Fisheries & Aquaculture

After nearly two decades in the making, the newly agreed UN High Seas Treaty marks a major step forward for ocean preservation, aiming to mitigate the impact of climate change on marine biodiversity and ocean ecosystems.

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Blue nature-based solutions: a win for biodiversity, climate and community

World Ocean Initiative, The Economist Group Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture

Experts at the 10th annual World Ocean Summit stressed the importance of co-creating solutions.

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Are blue carbon markets becoming mainstream?

World Ocean Initiative, The Economist Group Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture

Mangroves, tidal marshes and seagrass meadows are powerful nature-based net-zero solutions.

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4 Way to Invest in a Sustainable 'Blue Economy'

Institute for Sustainable Investing, Morgan Stanley Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture Shipping & Ports Tourism

Tackling climate change, protecting biodiversity and fostering inclusive economic growth will require more than $3 trillion of investments in the world’s oceans in the coming decades.

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Seaweed recycling startups get funded, as Sargassum bloom hits Florida

Dan Primack, Axios Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture

Carbonwave, a Boston-based startup that "upcycles" Sargassum seaweed into biomaterials, raised $5 million in venture capital funding led by an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers.

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Native oyster reintroduction set to double biodiversity

The Fish Site Fisheries & Aquaculture

Project to reintroduce European native oysters unveils first predicted impact of species’ return and aims to improve water quality, enhance marine biodiversity and increase carbon storage in the Dornoch Firth over the next decade.

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4 ways to ensure the future of aquaculture is sustainable

Karen Demavivas, World Economic Forum Fisheries & Aquaculture

As our global population expands, so too does demand for nutritious and climate-friendly food.

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Winners Of The Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize Are All Using Seaweed

Jeff Kart, Forbes Fisheries & Aquaculture Plastics & Pollution

Making bioplastics from seaweed is becoming fashionable. And that’s not a dig.

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