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Ocean Disclosure Initiative: Ports & Warehousing Industry Review

One Ocean Foundation Shipping & Ports

New analysis on the sustainability of Ports & Warehousing. 

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Viability Analysis for an  International Tropical Seaweed Resilience Institute

Hatch Innovation Services Fisheries & Aquaculture

This report explores the viability and need for a tropical seaweed resilience institute to work as an international umbrella organization supporting the upstream development of the tropical seaweed industry in different countries. 

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International Governance of Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal: Recent Developments and Future Directions

Romany Webb, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

This paper explores the treatment of ocean CDR under three key international agreements governing ocean-based activities. 

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Destructive fishing: An expert-driven definition and exploration of this quasi-concept

Conservation Letters Fisheries & Aquaculture

Though ubiquitous, “destructive fishing” is undefined and therefore currently immeasurable. Here we propose a definition developed through expert consultation

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U.S. Congressional Action Needed to Accelerate OceanBased Carbon Dioxide Removal Solutions

Carbon to Sea Initiative

Today, Carbon to Sea released a new report that provides an overview of existing investments in ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (oCDR). 

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An Ocean of Opportunities: The Potential of Seaweed to Advance Food, Environmental and Gender Dimensions of the SDGs

UNCTAD Fisheries & Aquaculture

This study aims to contribute to a greater understanding of the seaweed sector as a driver of food security and women’s empowerment while addressing the interlinkages between food security, environmental sustainability, and trade.

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First global study of coastal seas as carbon dioxide reservoirs possible

University of Hamburg, Nature

The ocean model ICON-Coast can simultaneously represent physical and biogeochemical processes at different scales. For the first time, a model accounts for the role of coastal seas in the global carbon cycle.

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Emerging Protein-Rich Ingredients For Aquaculture Report 2024

Hatch Blue Fisheries & Aquaculture

A recently published report, compiled with support from the Moore Foundation by Hatch Blue, takes a deep dive into nine of the most promising protein-rich aquafeed ingredients.

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A Global Ocean Free From the Harmful Impacts of Pollution: Roadmap for Action

Back to Blue, Economist Impact and The Nippon Foundation Plastics & Pollution

Back to Blue’s Roadmap to end ocean pollution is a synthesis of insights from hundreds of global leaders across science, industry, policy, business and finance on understanding ocean pollution and how to tackle it.

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Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement: An Assessment of the Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (mCDR) Approach

Aly Rose, CREO Syndicate

A new report from CREO's Ocean Sector Manager dives into the various ocean alkalinity enhacement methods, funding obstacles and remaining questions. 

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Scientists propose ten key components to foster climate-smart marine spatial planning globally

Catarina Frazão Santos, et al., Nature

New study identifies ten key components that will promote the development and implementation of sustainable, equitable, climate-smart ocean planning initiatives around the globe.

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Investor Report: Unlocking the Potential of the Blue Economy


This report is an update that complements the first edition of the BlueInvest Investor Report released in 2023, which aimed to provide investors with market knowledge on the EU Blue Economy to support their investment decisions and targeted those actively engaged or interested in new prospects.

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New Analysis: Business Case for Deep Sea Mining – Highly Complicated and Widely Unproven – Doesn’t Add Up

The Ocean Foundation

Report finds extracting nodules lodged in the ocean floor is rife with technical challenges and overlooks rise of innovations that would eliminate need for deep-seabed mining; warns investors to think twice before backing unproven industry.

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Ocean Disclosure Initiative: Maritime Transportation Industry Review

One Ocean Foundation Shipping & Ports

The impact of maritime transportation on the ocean – analysis and solutions. 

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Setting Sail: Target setting in the Sustainable Blue Economy


Through the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative’s Seafood Finance Working Group, co-convened with WWF, UNEP FI has developed this manual to support financial institutions in implementing the Turning the Tide and Diving Deep sector guidance, and setting targets for the Sustainable Blue Economy.

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Eight lessons learned from comparing ocean economy measurement strategies across countries

James Jolliffe and Claire Jolly, OECD

A new report compares the measurement strategies of eight OECD member countries using principles from the system of national accounts.

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Why Oceans and Marine Biodiversity Matter as Investment Issues

Andre Ranchin, Hymans Robertson Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture Plastics & Pollution

A sustainable and growing blue economy can provide investment opportunities and a significant environmental return.

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New Record Ocean Temperatures and Related Climate Indicators in 2023

Lijing Cheng, Advances in Atmospheric Sciences

The global physical and biogeochemical environment has been substantially altered in response to increased atmospheric greenhouse gases from human activities.

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Optimal fuel supply of green ammonia to decarbonise global shipping

Jasper Verschuur, et al., IOP Sciecne Shipping & Ports

A new study finds that the demand for green ammonia by 2050 could be three to four times the current (grey) ammonia production, requiring major new investments in infrastructure.

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SDG Stocktake: Through the Eyes of the Private Sector

United Nations Global Compact and Accenture

 Business is a key stakeholder in SDG success. This report offers an appraisal of private sector contributions to the SDGs so far—and outlines a clear pathway for private sector action over the next seven years.

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