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IDB Invest Champions Costa Rica's Inaugural Blue Bond

IDB Invest

IDB Invest partnered with Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (BNCR) to launch Costa Rica's first blue bond, a significant step towards bolstering the blue economy. 

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As aquaculture hits historic highs, let’s ensure sustainability is prioritized (commentary)

Erika Feller, Mongabay Fisheries & Aquaculture

The latest State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture Report indicates that for the first time ever, nations are farming more seafood than they’re catching.

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The Importance of Seaweed: a cultural and environmental shift

One Ocean Foundation Fisheries & Aquaculture

Seaweed's hidden potential: a solution for health, sustainability, and innovation

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GFCR Greenlights $25M to Scale Up Coral Reef Resilience Efforts

Marine Technology News

Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR) has announced over $25 million in grant funding to boost resilience efforts across coral nations in the face of increasing threats to coral ecosystems.

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Indonesia and US seal $35 mln coral reef debt swap

Marc Jones, Reuters

The U.S. has agreed to forgive $35 million of Indonesian debt over the next nine years, the U.S. Treasury said on Monday, in return for the Southeast Asian country restoring and preserving coral reefs in what experts estimate is the world's most biodiverse patch of ocean.

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These are the world’s 10 most efficient ports – but which ones are the greenest?

Madeleine North, World Economic Forum Shipping & Ports

The shipping industry is transitioning to more sustainable practices and green ports are gaining traction.

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Researchers pioneer ocean carbon removal technique

The Fish Site

Researchers have completed a successful pilot study for a novel ocean carbon dioxide removal (oCDR) method in which they altered the pH of seawater to increase its capacity for carbon dioxide absorption.

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What if plastic could evolve to replenish the planet?

Julia Marsh & Emy Kane, World Ocean Initiative Plastics & Pollution

As consumers demand more sustainable products and packaging, major brands are seeking vetted alternatives to displace traditional plastics at scale in order to usher in a new, more circular economy. 

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UN report reveals aquaculture is now the largest source of aquatic food production – can the sector continue to scale sustainably?

Ocean 14 Capital Fisheries & Aquaculture

Aquaculture produced an unprecedented 130.9 million tonnes of aquatic animal products, surpassing capture fisheries for the first time.

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Improving our oceans' health by de-emissioning the maritime industry

Madadh MacLaine, World Ocean Initiative Shipping & Ports

The vast expanse of our oceans, once seen as boundless and resilient, is now facing unprecedented threats due to human activities, particularly the maritime industry. 

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How indigenous practices could save coral reefs

Bloomberg Philanthropies, BBC

Climate change continues to threaten the future of our oceans. Coral reefs, vital for biodiversity below the waves, can act as a litmus test for ocean health. 

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Overlooked Opportunity: The Blue Economy and KSEA

Karrie Gordon, VettaFi ETF Trends

KSEA seeks to invest in companies that have significant impacts on oceans and ocean resources, known as the “blue economy.”

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Advancing Research and Development of Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal: Ocean Visions, Running Tide, and the Role of Start-Ups

Ocean Visions

Ocean Visions works to accelerate and scale solutions to the biggest threat facing our ocean: the buildup of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and ocean, which drives dangerous levels of ocean warming and acidification.

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Seizing The Moment On A Global Plastics Treaty: Finding The Common Ground To Mobilize Private Capital

Rob Kaplan, Forbes Plastics & Pollution

The Investor View of the 170+ Countries Attempting to Do What’s Never Been Done.

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World Bank releases investment guide for developing sustainable aquaculture

Responsible Seafood Advocate Fisheries & Aquaculture

The World Bank has released The Global Aquabusiness Investment Guide, a framework to navigate the world’s fastest-growing food sector. 

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Final YES for Europe's Nature Restoration Law

Barbara Kuznik, The Nature Conservancy

Historic achievement for Europe as the Council of the EU successfully adopts the world's first-ever Nature Restoration Law.

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Indonesia Coral Bond – An Innovative Ocean Financing Instrument

World Bank Group

The proposed Indonesia Coral Bond is designed to deliver independently verified conservation and biodiversity outcomes in some of the most biodiverse coral reef ecosystems on the planet. 

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KPMG: Why Does World Oceans Day Matter to Businesses?

Charlie King, Sustainability Magazine

This World Oceans Day Josh Hasdell, Senior Manager – Strategy & ESG, KPMG Canada explores why a Blue Economy is crucial for long-term sustainable growth.

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Global farmed fish production overtakes wild catch for first time

Susannah Savage, Financial Times Fisheries & Aquaculture

UN agency says aquaculture boom will boost food security but critics say it harms fragile marine ecosystems.

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BNP Paribas AM, other investors call for improved data on world's oceans


More detailed information about the world's oceans, including deep-sea fishing and supply-chain sourcing, is needed to help companies make investments that can help to protect biodiversity, a group of financial services firms said on Friday.

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