Queen Conch Aquaculture

Marilu Cristina Flores, Investable Oceans Fisheries & Aquaculture

There may be no other food more Bahamian than the conch. Conch fritters, conch salad, and conch souse are all synonymous with the Caribbean, and this versatile staple is rooted deep in Bahamian culture. 

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Connecting Ocean Dots in 2023

Ted Janulis, Investable Oceans

The oceans are vast and touch many disciplines. One of our 2023 goals at Investable Oceans is to help connect dots between different areas of expertise and practice.

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Blue Briefs: Giving Guide

Investable Oceans Fisheries & Aquaculture Plastics & Pollution

This giving season we invite you to SHOP BLUE with thoughtful and unique gifts that support our blue planet. These gifts hold meaning and simultaneously support ocean conservation, exploration, or our blue economy. Here are our team’s favorite blue buys!

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Blue Briefs: Exploring Coral Ecosystems with Submersible Tech

Marilu Cristina Flores, Investable Oceans

Ocean exploration continues to fascinate and enthrall the masses. With technological advancements, we’ve gone further and deeper since Alexander the Great first used diving bells, and John and Charles Dean dawned diving dresses to explore the depths of the sea. 

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Blue Briefs: What is Investable Oceans?

Marilu Cristina Flores, Investable Oceans

What makes investable oceans different from the many other organizations doing good work for our oceans? While we are an active ocean hub that celebrates the ocean and brings you into the blue with us, there’s more than that. We’re focused on active, market-based solutions that help our blue planet. We do this by simplifying and accelerating sustainable investments in oceans. 

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Blue Briefs: Blue Economy

Marilu Cristina Flores, Investable Oceans Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture Plastics & Pollution Tourism

Our ocean anchors a multi-trillion dollar economy that continues to grow — providing us with the air we breathe, the food we eat, and inspiring travel and recreation. 

The Investable Oceans team keeps its thumb on the pulse of some of the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the Blue Economy space we're thrilled to share our top picks with you!


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