April 2022

Investable Oceans Newsletter - April 2022


Welcome to our April Newsletter.

Conferences, Conferences:

The latest UN High Seas Treaty session wrapped up earlier this month. Torsten Thiele of Global Ocean Trust shares his thoughts here on what’s at stake, and an accompanying Guardian article provides a useful recap of the Treaty’s issues and progress.

It was a pleasure to share the stage at the E-Capital Summit at EarthX last week with David Shaw, Managing Partner of Black Point Group, investor and entrepreneur. Our conversation focused on the mainstreaming of impact investing and the critical need for businesses to deeply engage in driving the change needed to ensure a livable planet.

Meanwhile, the Our Ocean Conference concluded in Palau with 400+ commitments worth more than $16 billion towards sustainable oceans. Next up: World Oceans Day on June 8 in NYC, followed by the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon at the end of June (see calendar below for links). Investable Oceans will be at both; please let us know if you plan on attending so we can say hi!

Investment Opportunities:

This week Investable Oceans completed its 20th Gathering, where we bring together dynamic ocean companies and investors (two companies each time, so 40 companies to date!). Two interesting businesses presented: an elegant solution for combating invasive species and an underwater imaging system that seeks to connect the ocean community while collecting valuable data. There are more exciting investment opportunities in the pipeline, if you’re an accredited investor please consider diving in with us!

Truly Innovative Capacity Building From Greenwave:

At Investable Oceans we’re focused on market-based ocean investing. But, without a surrounding environment that supports and enables these activities, projects and companies cannot endure and prosper. Capacity building is about creating a resilient, community-supported foundation for economies and livelihoods. It is critical in ocean affairs.

Several weeks ago, Bren Smith and the Greenwave team released their Regenerative Ocean Farming Hub, which provides the comprehensive tools (80+ instructional videos, for instance) to enable individuals to actually become ocean farmers. The hub is a foundational contribution to the rapidly growing seaweed and aquaculture movements. Even if you don’t plan on becoming an ocean farmer yourself, it’s worth a look to see what capacity building is all about.

Books Meet Artivists:

Two very different kinds of ocean art books below. David Littschwager’s Octopus-Seahorse-Jellyfish is a remarkable collection of natural history portraits paired with original essays. By the numbers: 12 years, 135,000 images and a 500-pound mobile photo studio. Meanwhile, the ocean mural pioneer PangeaSeed Foundation’s Sea Change: A Decade of ARTivism for Oceans provides a panoramic view of 10 years of art that has helped connect people to the oceans all over the world. If you haven’t seen their inspiring work before, check out this short video.

Ocean “Impactainment” Debuts in Miami Beach:

Three weeks from now, our friend Daniel Hettwer and Hidden Worlds Entertainment will launch a first-of-its-kind digital ocean experience for those interested in the intersection of “environment, art, immersive entertainment and Food & Beverage”. Day tours or immersive dining, your choice. Here’s what the Miami Herald has to say.

We thank you as always for your support.

The Investable Oceans Team




Cooking4Climate - Episode 2

In April, we turned up the heat on climate solutions with two segments of our Cooking4Climate Instagram Live series! First, for World Health Day, we made kelp smoothies with Atlantic Sea Farms kelp cubes with Oceanic Global. Then, for Earth Day, we enjoyed Akua's kelp burgers with ocean advocate Maddie Cholnoky. Check out the episode and head to our Sustainable Seafood store to try these goodies and more (with promo codes)!




Newtok: The Water is Rising

Patagonia’s new film on the people of Newtok, Alaska who must relocate the entire village to save their culture and community in the face of climate disaster.


Octopus, Seahorse, Jellyfish

This mesmerizing book of photography reveals the unnerving beauty of three notoriously mysterious sea creatures and how they perceive the world.


Researchers Find Way for Plastic Waste to Soak Up CO2

A University of Rice research team discovered that heating plastic waste in the presence of a certain chemical created particles that had the ability to absorb CO2.


Sea Change: A Decade of ARTivism for Oceans

Compiled by PangeaSeed Foundation, this retrospective art book highlights six key marine environmental issues, brought to life on 100+ full-color pages.



ADB Launches First Blue Bond Incubator to Boost Ocean Investment

Asian Development Bank’s recently launched incubator will support ocean-related projects in Asia and the Pacific with the goal of building resilient communities and growing blue economies at scale.


The Transformative Power of Digital Aquatech

An overview of the digital aquatech investment landscape, a series of inspiring interviews with CEOs of Aqua-Spark’s digital aquatech portfolio companies, and a set of in-depth chapters on different segments of digital aquaculture technology.


Regenerative Ocean Farming Hub

GreenWave’s new Regenerative Ocean Farming Hub provides tools, creates community, and serves as a marketplace for ocean farming beginners, offering a comprehensive and inclusive entry to the industry.


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