June 2022


Welcome to our June Newsletter.

United Nations Ocean Conference Arrives in Lisbon!

Like many of you, we’re packing our bags for the long-awaited second UN Ocean Conference this coming week. We hope to see many of you! Ted, Glenn and Tariq will be there and look forward to connecting with old friends and making new ones. There’s a dizzying array of events all week. If you’d like a quick refresher, here’s a good introduction to the Conference and its goals, by our friends at the World Economic Forum.

Investable Oceans Hosts Our Inaugural Ocean ESG Summit

On June 9/10, we were thrilled to host our first-ever Ocean ESG Summit. We brought together leading NGO’s, asset managers, investors, regulatory and policy experts, ESG rating agencies and scientists in NYC to discuss the current landscape and future prospects for ESG in the blue space. Our goal in convening these critical minds into the same room was to inspire new collaborations, cross-pollinations and calls to action. The outcomes from the Summit still have us buzzing, and we are hopeful that we’re helping create the foundation for an authentic and effective ESG for the oceans over the coming years. Below are some of our most important takeaways — and please let us know if you’d like to learn more about this or future Investable Oceans events:

  • There are abundant, rigorous tools and frameworks available today
  • The proliferation of ocean-related investment products across asset classes gives this initiative a sense of urgency
  • There are clear collaboration opportunities to avoid reinventing the wheel, some of which already sparked during our time together
  • Although the ocean community sometimes feels small, not everybody knows everybody - so we have to keep connecting!

Introducing our Cohort Partners Program

Over the past several years we’ve been building a platform that connects investors with blue economy companies and funds that are making a difference for the oceans. While we currently have over 50 offerings on our site, there are many more exciting organizations out there doing great work. To increase their visibility and scale up our impact, this week we launched our Cohort Partners Program, which allows an accelerator or other innovation platform to list an entire cohort on our site. While we’re not vetting these companies ourselves at Investable Oceans, we’re selecting our partners carefully. We’re delighted to welcome on board our first inaugural Cohort Partner, Daniel Kleinman and Seaworthy Collective, who along with Investable Oceans is a member of 1000 Ocean Startups Coalition. Please reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about this new program.

Partners & Engagement Page Now LIve on Website

We deeply believe in SDG 17, which states “the SDGs can only be realized with strong global partnerships and cooperation”. So wherever we can, we seek opportunities for “radical collaboration”, a phrase we first heard from our friends at Lonely Whale. We thought it might be helpful if we listed our corporate and individual initiatives in one place, so we added a new Partners & Engagement page to our About tab. We’re always eager to work with more organizations and individuals in the sustainable oceans space, so if you have ideas please let us know!

The Explorers Club Hosts Its Sixth Annual World Oceans Week

A number of us participated on an individual basis in this year’s World Oceans Week @The Explorers Club. One special highlight: the announcement by Dr. Sylvia Earle of New York’s first Mission Blue Hope Spot in Shinnecock Bay, which was proposed by Dr. Ellen Pikitch of Stony Brook University and The Explorers Club, with support from others including representatives of the Shinnecock Indian Nation. Below, a few notable numbers:

  • 1000+ classrooms reached in partnership with Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants
  • 1000’s of attendees online and in-person
  • 50+ presenters from around the globe
  • 80+ early/mid career ocean professionals in TEC’s first Blue Generation Bootcamp
  • 400 submissions for first-ever global octopus photo contest, in partnership with Octonation (Warning, this site can be habit-forming)
  • 8 sustainable seafood companies provisioning a Sustainable Seafood Soirée
  • 200 sledging biscuits consumed in Scott/Amundsen recipe taste test

Please let us know if you’d like to learn more about this annual event - we’d be happy to connect you with the right people depending on the topic!

We thank you as always for your support.

The Investable Oceans Team



Morgan Bennett-Smith


Instagram Live with Ocean Sounds Artist Joshua Sam Miller

Mindful musician Joshua Sam Miller is captivated by the Sounds of the Ocean. Featured at the United Nations' World Oceans Day, his new album integrates whale songs, dolphin calls, and other mainstays of our blue planet with original compositions. We chat with Joshua about what inspires him.




Nina Rossiter

Artist and author Nina Rossiter bridges her passions in painting and illustrating children's books that inspire them to discover and protect the planet.


Seafields: An Innovative Ocean-Based Nature-Enhancing Solution To Climate Change

Seafields Solutions is developing a carbon capture project that grows, harvests, bundles and sinks Sargassum, an ocean-borne plant that captures atmospheric carbon.


How One Farmer Is Introducing Americans to Sea Beans

In Charleston, South Carolina, Heron Farms is growing and selling a gangly, salt-tolerant plant in the face of sea level rise.


Waves and Beaches: The Powerful Dynamics of Sea and Coast

Authors Kim McCoy and Willard Bascom add recent facts and anecdotes to update this 1963 classic’s relevance in the time of climate change.



Fish leather is here, it’s sustainable – and it’s made from invasive species to boot

Florida-based company Inversa is addressing a huge invasive species problem by turning lionfish into fish leather that can be used to make wallets, belts, handbags and more.


Special report: collaborating for sustainable change to achieve 2030 goals

The ultimate deep dive into ocean challenges and opportunities for collective action from the World Ocean Initiative’s March 2022 event, covering all five sectors of the blue economy.


The Blue Technology Barometer

Featuring an interactive world map, this tool shows the ranking of 66 coastal countries and territories based on their progress and commitment toward protecting ocean sustainability.


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Engaging with the Blue Economy: Offshore Wind

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Our Oceans Deep Dive - A Blue New Deal

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