March 2022


Welcome to our March newsletter.

More exciting ocean events!

Monaco Ocean Week:
Currently in session. We hear from multiple sources that the energy is high and the presentations are “new and varied” – covering seaweed, sea level rise, blue food, and sustainable fisheries among other topics.

Duke Blue Economy Summit:
This past weekend, we were delighted to be a sponsor at the inaugural student-led Duke Oceans Blue Economy Summit. This impressive debut featured 20 speakers, from government to academia to industry, and drew over 250 participants in-person and on-line. You can watch the recording here.

Wall Street Green Summit:
Peter Fusaro’s 21st annual conference, this year’s topics include ESG investing, carbon markets and clean energy. We’ve presented at and attended this event, and it’s always engaging and stimulating.

Up next:
Our Ocean Conference in Palau, April 13/14, and much more. Subscribe to our calendar to stay up to date!

Some progress on Legislation and Policy:

  • Historic Plastic Treaty: 175 nations endorse a powerful resolution at UNEA-5 in Nairobi to combat plastic pollution. The article below explains why it’s so important.
  • Proposed SEC rule requires public companies disclose the range of climate risks and greenhouse gas emissions. Discussions focus on the balance between consistency of information against the complexity and cost of such disclosures. For a deeper dive on this topic, Kirkland & Ellis is hosting a webinar tomorrow (no press please).
  • High Seas Biodiversity Treaty: After two-years of Covid related interruption, delegates at the UN Intergovernmental Conference relating to BBNJ met again and made progress on certain issues. No consensus was reached, and a fifth session is being planned for August this year. Read more here.

1000 Ocean Startups - upcoming member activity:

We’re excited to be a member of 1000 Ocean Startups, a global coalition of incubators, accelerators, competitions and VCs firms determined to back 1000 transformative ocean startups by 2030. Please see calendar section below for links to the programs and events described here:

  • Ocean Impact Organization. Today (!) is the last day to apply for the Ocean Impact Accelerator Program 2022. Over 7 months, Ocean Impact and EnergyLab will provide investment, mentorship and networking opportunities to innovative startups working on solutions to transform ocean health. Check out this new video.
  • Katapult Ocean. Katapult is a pioneer and leader in this space, and is seeking compelling ocean start-ups and founders in food, transport, energy, natural assets, infrastructure and new frontiers. Applications are currently being accepted for the September accelerator program (see calendar below).
  • Ocean Exchange. This organization’s outstanding webinar series, in partnership with MTS, continues with: Engaging with the Blue Economy: Shipping Decarbonization. Register at the Calendar link below and be sure to check out past presentations on the Ocean Exchange site.

Whales seem to be popular:

We went viral for the first time on World Whale Day (Feb. 20), when our very own Morgan Bennett-Smith highlighted a graceful humpback whale fluke in Alaska. At last count, this 7-second clip had reached over 125K views. Beyond showing us how dedicated whale people are, this 15 minutes of fame also highlights how connected people are to our ocean and its beautiful creatures.

Finally, we worked with Artivist Jackson Xia to better explain what we do to new audiences. Check out his video below!

And just for fun:

OctoNation and The Explorers Club are hosting a global Octopus photo contest! We think it’s the first of its kind, and are excited to meet some new 8-armed friends. Submissions are due Fri. Apr. 1st.

We thank you as always for your support.

The Investable Oceans Team

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Aayush Shah on Unsplash


Investable Oceans in a nutshell

People sometimes ask us what exactly it is that we do. We get it -- ocean and climate investing and advocacy are complex. So, we asked Artivist Jackson Xia to help us tell our story. We hope you enjoy his video as much as we do!




Can aquaculture and engineering combine to protect our coastlines?

Dutch startup ReShore is seeking to combine floating breakwaters with existing aquaculture systems to provide coastal protection and ecosystem services.


TRES Art Collective

TRES is an interdisciplinary art collective whose curiosity focuses on raising questions about waste: how it exists, why it exists, and what it means for humans and nature.


The Sea and Civilization: A Maritime History of the World

Dive into Lincoln Paine’s monumental retelling of world history through the lens of the sea as he reveals the critical role it played in connecting and spreading human cultures.


Notpla salvages seaweed by-product to make paper

This sustainable packaging company is upcycling seaweed by-product from its production processes to create paper that can be used for envelopes and boxes.



Historic day in the campaign to beat plastic pollution

Representatives from 175 nations endorsed a historic resolution at the UN Environment Assembly earlier this month to end plastic pollution and forge an international legally binding agreement by 2024.


Climate-resilient coral species offer hope for the world’s reefs

Hope has been a scarce thing lately on coral reefs. As a result of human-made greenhouse gas emissions, they face chronically warmer water, more intense marine heat waves, and an increasingly acidic ocean.


Blue Carbon in the United Kingdom: Understanding and developing the opportunity

This new report authored by Blue Marine Foundation and the University of Exeter explores blue carbon habitats, their associated carbon capture rates and carbon stocks, and the threats they face.


MARCH 28th - MARCH 31st

Wall Street Green Summit

MARCH 30th 11.00 AM - 12.00 PM EST

Ocean Exchange: Shipping Decarbonization

APRIL 20th - 24th

EarthX 2022

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