BrightTALK: Investing in Sustainable Seafood

Dennis Fritsch, UNEP FI on Fisheries & Aquaculture

BrightTALK: Investing in Sustainable Seafood
Sebastian Lambarri on Unsplash

Seafood may be the most traded food commodity in the world, but there is still much to be done to transition seafood to a sustainable sector that delivers future-proof returns to businesses. While great strides have been made in the past few decades by seafood companies, governments, and non-governmental organizations to identify, manage and mitigate environmental and social impacts and risks, about 75% of seafood sold today is still not certified or rated as sustainable, and more than 30% of the world’s fisheries remain over-exploited. As demonstrated by several Planet Tracker reports, sustainable seafood finance is not only the most socially responsible financial proposition but also the most comprehensive risk management strategy for investors.

Watch the full webinar here

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