Accelerating Sustainable Seafood: Webinar

United Nations Global Compact Fisheries & Aquaculture

Accelerating Sustainable Seafood: Webinar
stux on Pixabay

The webinar opened with a short presentation of the ‘Accelerating Sustainable Seafood’ brief by moderators Wenche Gronbrekk, Head of Sustainability at Cermaq, and Jean Baptiste Jouffray, Stockholm Resilience Centre. The brief, an outcome of a multi-stakeholder series of meetings (a so-called ‘sprint) held over the course of December, identified the following six key enablers to advance sustainable seafood:

1. Improved utilization and ratification of international conventions and frameworks

2. Ensuring a socially sustainable seafood sector

3. Unlocking sustainable finance

4. Ensuring high-quality, standardized, non-financial data

5. Moving beyond disclosure: towards quantifying progress

6. Recognizing the role of seafood in global sustainable food  systems

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