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Viability Analysis for an  International Tropical Seaweed Resilience Institute

Hatch Innovation Services Fisheries & Aquaculture

This report explores the viability and need for a tropical seaweed resilience institute to work as an international umbrella organization supporting the upstream development of the tropical seaweed industry in different countries. 

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Destructive fishing: An expert-driven definition and exploration of this quasi-concept

Conservation Letters Fisheries & Aquaculture

Though ubiquitous, “destructive fishing” is undefined and therefore currently immeasurable. Here we propose a definition developed through expert consultation

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An Ocean of Opportunities: The Potential of Seaweed to Advance Food, Environmental and Gender Dimensions of the SDGs

UNCTAD Fisheries & Aquaculture

This study aims to contribute to a greater understanding of the seaweed sector as a driver of food security and women’s empowerment while addressing the interlinkages between food security, environmental sustainability, and trade.

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Emerging Protein-Rich Ingredients For Aquaculture Report 2024

Hatch Blue Fisheries & Aquaculture

A recently published report, compiled with support from the Moore Foundation by Hatch Blue, takes a deep dive into nine of the most promising protein-rich aquafeed ingredients.

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Why Oceans and Marine Biodiversity Matter as Investment Issues

Andre Ranchin, Hymans Robertson Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture Plastics & Pollution

A sustainable and growing blue economy can provide investment opportunities and a significant environmental return.

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Satellite Mapping Reveals Extensive Industrial Activity at Sea

Fernando Paolo, et al., Nature Fisheries & Aquaculture

We combine satellite imagery, vessel GPS data and deep-learning models to map industrial vessel activities and offshore energy infrastructure across the world’s coastal waters from 2017 to 2021.

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The Mangrove Breakthrough Financial Roadmap

Jennifer Ring, Marieta Stefanova, Raiditya Roebiono and Katherine Stodulka, Systemiq Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture

Unlocking investment at scale in critical coastal ecosystems.

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From Risk to Reward: The Business Imperative to Finance Climate Adaptation and Resilience

BCG, Global Resilience Partnership & USAID Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture Shipping & Ports

From Risk to Reward: The Business Imperative to Finance Climate Adaptation and Resilience is a new study published by BCG in collaboration with the Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that lays out the investment thesis for the private sector to finance climate adaptation and resilience.

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2023 Seafood Stewardship Index

World Benchmarking Alliance Fisheries & Aquaculture

The third iteration of the Seafood Stewardship Index ranks the sustainability performance of the world’s 30 most influential companies in the seafood industry, representing about a quarter of the world’s global seafood industry revenue.

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The Crimes Behind The Seafood You Eat

Ian Urbina, The New Yorker Fisheries & Aquaculture

China has invested heavily in an armada of far-flung fishing vessels, in part to extend its global influence. This maritime expansion has come at grave human cost.

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The Ocean as a Solution to Climate Change: Five Opportunities for Action

High Level Panel for A Sustainable Ocean Economy Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture Shipping & Ports

Climate change poses stark risks to the health of the ocean and to the realisation of a prosperous and sustainable ocean economy. Acidification and rising ocean temperatures are negatively impacting important industries such as fishing and tourism, as well as the well-being of coastal populations. There is an urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit further temperature rise.

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30x30 From Global Ocean Treaty to Protection at Sea

Greenpeace Fisheries & Aquaculture

The oceans face large-scale threats and there is little time left to deliver 30x30.

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Analysis of Farmed Seaweed Carbon Crediting and Novel Markets to Help Decarbonize Supply Chains

The Nature Conservancy and Bain & Company Fisheries & Aquaculture

In partnership with Bain & Company, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) examined the potential to support significant near-term growth over the next five to ten years in seaweed farming through two analyses. 

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Global Seaweed New And Emerging Markets Report

The World Bank Fisheries & Aquaculture

The Global Seaweed New and Emerging Markets Report has identified ten global seaweed markets with the potential to grow by an additional USD 11.8 billion by 2030. 

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Alaska’s newest gold rush: Seaweed

Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post Fisheries & Aquaculture

The act of raising sea plants and bivalves — known as mariculture — is accelerating across the globe. Once largely concentrated in Asia, the industry has expanded to Europe and the United States.

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Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change Mitigation Using Macroalgae: A State of Knowledge Review

Rita M. Franco-Santos, et al., Biological Reviews Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture

An examination of over 180 publications synthesizes evidence regarding macroalgal forest carbon sequestration potential.

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The Blue Carbon Handbook

Oliver S. Ashford, et al., High Level Panel for A Sustainable Ocean Economy Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture

A guide to managing blue carbon ecosystems as a nature-based solution for supporting sustainable development.

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Vulnerability of blue foods to human-induced environmental change

Cao, L. et al., Nature Sustainability Fisheries & Aquaculture

Global aquatic or ‘blue’ foods, essential to over 3.2 billion people, face challenges of maintaining supply in a changing environment while adhering to safety and sustainability standards.

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The Trillion-Dollar Auction to Save the World

Gregory Barber, Wired Fisheries & Aquaculture

Ocean creatures soak up huge amounts of humanity’s carbon mess. Should we value them like financial assets?

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Into the Blue: Securing a Sustainable Future for Kelp Forests

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Fisheries & Aquaculture

Into the Blue: Securing a Sustainable Future for Kelp Forests global synthesis report is the most comprehensive knowledge review on kelp to date, revealing the state of science on the world’s kelp forests and providing recommended actions to build the recovery of the world’s kelp forests.

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