Celebrating Women Building a Sustainable Blue Economy

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Celebrating Women Building a Sustainable Blue Economy

The impact of their contributions span a broad range of social, environmental, and economic issues related to oceans and climate. In honor of this important day, we asked if they would share a message of hope and inspiration for the oceans in 2023, and here’s what they had to say:

Marisa Drew – Chief Sustainability Officer, Standard Chartered Bank: “Every day I am more hopeful that we will be able to ‘crack the code’ of adequately repairing and protecting our precious oceans. In my work, I see the tremendous breakthroughs that are happening through what we affectionately call ‘radical collaboration’. From the landmark global agreement announced this week by the UN Member States in pursuit of the 30x30 agenda, to extremely innovative ocean technologies and financing solutions (my patch!), to new business models which are reshaping how to include natural capital assets in the mix, our ocean eco-system of committed participants is delivering at scale and at pace.”

Angelique Pouponneau – Policy and Strategy Advisor, The Alliance of Small Islands States: “A diversity of voices and perspectives make the ocean space an exciting one. The narratives are evolving. For Women’s Day, I encourage all women to use their voice, their knowledge and skills to promote ocean health as the bedrock of our societies.”

Megan Reilly Cayten – Senior Investment Manager, Climate Asset Management & Senior Advisor, Oceans 2050 Foundation: “I am excited to see the growing awareness of the ocean-climate nexus, and the importance of reducing CO2 loads in the ocean for achieving our atmospheric climate goals. I expect that 2023 will bring more tangible blue carbon investment opportunities, from integrated coastal restoration to seaweed farming, and continued progress on the research and policy frameworks we need to scale up ocean-climate solutions.”

We encourage you to follow and support their foundational, critical work in building a sustainable and equitable future for us all!

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