How we’ll eat fish in the future

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How we’ll eat fish in the future
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Aquaculture is drawing entrepreneurs and investors, in an overfished world with a growing appetite for the healthy protein.

Farmed or wild? Local or imported? Organic? Or some certification you’ve never heard of?

Anyone who has tried to be an eco-conscious seafood consumer—or seen headlines about plummeting wild fish stocks or antibiotic-laden seafood from farms in China—has faced these questions.

There are many more. Take farms, whether inland or in the ocean. So much depends on the particular operation. Are antibiotics used to fight disease in overcrowded pens? What’s the feed made from, and is too much provided? How much waste do the fish create? Are the currents strong enough to disperse all of that? What is the ocean floor like? Are the fish native?

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