Can We Protect the Ocean by 2030?

Tom Dillon, The PEW Charitable Trusts

Can We Protect the Ocean by 2030?
Dwain Norsa on Unsplash

The ocean is many things and plays many roles in sustaining life on Earth. But here is one thing it is not: invincible. And the past several decades have brought waves of troubling news about the ocean’s health—from overfishing to warmer and more acidic waters from climate change, from pervasive plastic pollution to illegal fishing, and from the decimation of habitats on the coasts to damage even in the deep sea.

All of which has brought into focus the need for a conservation goal proportionate to the scale of the ocean and the variety of threats it faces. And over the past decade one has emerged: to protect and conserve at least 30% of the global ocean by 2030.

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