An Ocean Climate Action Plan For A New Blue Economy

David Helvarg and Jason Scorse Energy Solutions Fisheries & Aquaculture Shipping & Ports

An Ocean Climate Action Plan For A New Blue Economy
Photo by Simon Clayton from Pexels

As we enter another hurricane season in the midst of a global pandemic, there are growing calls to respond to the climate emergency at the scale we’ve responded to COVID-19. Yet many climate solutions being proposed fail to address the 71 percent of the planet that’s blue. In early 2019 our organizations began developing an Ocean Climate Action Plan (OCAP) to identify ways we can use ocean resources to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions while helping coastal communities to adapt to impacts already underway.


The plan focuses on five key areas in need of government investment and innovative new policies: Coastal adaptation and financing, fisheries, aquaculture and biodiversity conservation, offshore renewable energy, and shipping, and ports and the maritime industries.

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