Nomad Archipelago: Explore with Purpose
Nomad Archipelago: Explore with Purpose

Nomad Archipelago dedicates its travel experiences to purposeful exploration, with all proceeds being allocated to the conservation and management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Indonesia's remote Banggai region. This approach ensures that travellers have a direct impact on the rewilding of marine ecosystems, enhancing food security, driving sustainable economic development, and reinforcing climate change resilience.

The Bugis, Nomad Archipelago’s pioneering cruise boat, exemplifies their commitment to sustainability. It relies on solar energy to minimize the carbon footprint and avoids ozone-damaging emissions. In a bid to support local economies and reinforce their sustainable travel ethos, the Bugis sources products locally.

Nomad Archipelago’s philosophy of slow travel invites guests to immerse themselves in the natural world, local cultures, and cuisines through flexible itineraries that highlight extraordinary experiences in secluded destinations. This includes intimate interactions with communities such as the Bajau Sea Nomads. Onboard, a small crew of nine caters to a maximum of eight guests, offering meals prepared with locally-sourced ingredients and a variety of activities, from snorkelling to trekking, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and beach-combing.

The Bugis boat is thoughtfully designed to align guest comfort with eco-consciousness. It boasts spacious cabins ingeniously designed to maximize natural ventilation instead of harmful air-conditioners, utilizing sea breezes facilitated by their strategic placement above deck, ensuring effective insulation and providing fans for additional air circulation. The layout includes an open-air lounge and an upper deck with a bar, ideal for activities such as yoga, which further complements the serene experience. Every element of the boat’s design is geared towards tranquillity and a harmonious connection with nature, thus enriching the guest experience with minimal environmental impact.

Feb 16-22, 2024 | Raja Ampat Discovery (7 days)
Apr 21-May 2, 2024 | Wakatobi to Komodo (12 days)

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