Great White Sharks in South Australia with Stephen Frink
Great White Sharks in South Australia with Stephen Frink

The summer season in South Australia, from late fall through early winter in North America, has been off the charts for great white shark encounters. Andrew Fox is the son of the world’s most famous great white shark attack survivor, Rodney Fox, and they have dedicated their lives to shark conservation and education. Cage diving tours aboard their live-aboard, MV Rodney Fox, to the Neptune Islands off Port Lincoln is a wonderful way to introduce enthusiasts to the beauty of the world’s most awe-inspiring shark, Carcharodon carcharias.

With Guadalupe Island closed to shark tourism indefinitely, this is the best great white shark option on the planet! Both surface and sub-surface cages are offered. This allows even non-divers to see great white sharks at the surface, but certified divers can submerge in the safety of a cage to 65-feet along a kelp-covered seafloor to see great white sharks, stingray, and schooling fish. This is a fantastic complement to the blue-water pictures commonly seen of great white sharks, and perhaps the only locale where these photo-opportunities exist.

In addition to the great white sharks, there are also opportunities to swim with Australian sea lions at nearby Hopkins Island. These are arguably the world’s most charismatic and photogenic pinniped, playful and intimate in their underwater encounters.

The expedition will depart from Port Lincoln, South Australia to the Neptune Islands, boarding the evening of October 17th and disembarking the morning of October 23rd. This trip has guaranteed limited participation to ensure comfort aboard and maximum cage time per person. There is a maximum of 10 passengers for this tour, with only 2 spots remaining!

Please Note: Participants must have an Open Water certification in order to dive in the sub-surface safety cage.



Image Credit: Andrew Fox 

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By Stephen Frink and Waterhouse Tours

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