Menorca Shipwreck Project: Field School
Menorca Shipwreck Project: Field School

The Menorca Shipwreck Project is an multi-year archaeological expedition that began in the fall of 2023 starting with the excavation of a 300 year old wreck in Cala en Busquets. It is a collaboration between Explorers Club Members, Menorcan and Catalonian archaeologists, local museum staff and cultural heritage professionals carrying the historic flag #69.

The MSP hosts a field school each year where participants learn the basics of underwater archaeology, improve their scuba diving skills, and learn about the rich multilayered history of Menorca that dates back millennia. Field school recipients will receive a PADI Specialty Card Exploration Diver: Archaeology and museum certificate.

  • Pre expedition – Sept. 24th-28th
  • Session 1 – Sept. 30-Oct. 12th
  • Session 2 – Oct. 13th-25th
  • Session 3 – October 27th-November 7th

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