July 2021



Welcome to our July Newsletter.

We hope you’re having a good summer. As usual, please find below a sampling of our site’s current content - you’ll notice an emphasis on plastics, in recognition of Plastic Free July. Please do find a way to engage this month!

Increased emphasis on non-accredited investments: We’ve enjoyed seeing an uptick in non-accredited investors signing up to the site. We’re excited about this because we are committed to providing opportunities at all levels of investment. Therefore, we’re pleased to add a third offering open to everyone: C-Combinator, an innovative company converting the largest seaweed bloom on the planet into valuable products like vegan leather, cosmetics inputs and biostimulant (a powerful crop yield enhancer). C-Combinator has a proven ability to raise money from the accredited investor community, so we applaud and support their efforts to source capital as inclusively as possible.

Additions to our Blue Frontiers offerings: Numerous initiatives that may not necessarily seek to provide “at market” returns but still have the potential to be extremely impactful. To aggregate these important opportunities, we now have a separate section on the site for these listings called Blue Frontiers. Today we’re pleased to add Blue finance, an innovative investment facility that seeks to invest over the coming years in dozens of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) with tangible, social and entrepreneurial potential. Ted will also be joining the fund’s Independent Investment Committee.

A few more links of interest: In our Blue Bond Zone you’ll find a recording of the panel we co-hosted with DLA Piper - Blue Bonds: Accelerating the Blue Economy. This Zone also features over twenty articles and research reports on this important emerging asset class. Finally, here is a link to a recent presentation by Ocean Visions, an ambitious collaboration of leading research and academic institutions whose mission is to “create and deploy equitable, durable and scalable ocean solutions to the growing crisis in our climate and ocean”. Really impressive and worth watching.

Thank you, as always, for your engagement

Ted, Brian, Vanessa and Glenn





Combat climate change using the largest seaweed bloom on the planet

C-Combinator is looking to raise $1M on WeFunder with a minimum investment of only $100.





Plastic Soup: An Atlas of Ocean Pollution

A beautifully illustrated survey of the plastics clogging our seas, their impacts on wildlife and people around the world, and inspirational initiatives designed to tackle the problem.


Growing a new coral reef in a fraction of the time

This start-up aims to plant 1 million corals using 'micro-fragmentation', a new technique that grows corals 20 times faster than nature.


Remove CO2 from the ocean by making seashells

A group of UCLA scientists are trying to remove carbon dioxide from the oceans through a process inspired by the natural world — seashell formation.


Mandy Barker

This international photographer collaborates with scientists to raise awareness around plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and highlight current research studying its detrimental effects.




World Ocean Day explores blue economy and private-sector impact

Summary of the UN World Ocean Day blue economy panel, with link to recorded presentation moderated by Martin Koehring.


How to Save a Planet

Join Dr. Elizabeth Johnson and Alex Blumberg on their quest to answer the big questions: What do we need to do to solve the climate crisis, and how do we get it done?


River Plastic Emissions to the World's Oceans

Explore the sources of plastics to the oceans through this interactive map showing individual rivers and their emission values.



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