February 2024


Welcome to our February Newsletter!

Now that January is over we can stop saying happy new year, and start saying we can’t believe how fast this year is flying by.

Oceans at Davos:

We’ve commented in recent newsletters that oceans have received increasing visibility at global gatherings, most recently at COP28’s Ocean Pavilion. On first blush, that trend wasn’t as pronounced during Davos, with AI and elections dominating the headlines. On closer inspection though, there were numerous positive developments, including (with thanks to the World Economic Forum team):

  • Catalyzing the Mangrove Breakthrough: This session advanced the initiative led by NGOs, governments, leading companies and financial institutions to secure these super trees, building on the launch of the Mangrove Breakthrough Financial Roadmap at UNFCCC COP28.
  • Nature-positive Strategy: What should your sector’s priority actions be?: This event convened around 150 participants from corporations, financial institutions, civil society and academia, and included 12 breakout discussions representing different marine-based and land-based industries.
  • History-making on the High Seas: Panel that explored the historic High Seas Treaty and its impact on business and nature, exploring how businesses can pursue ambitious partnerships with other sectors to help implement the treaty and ensure best practices that promote ocean health.
  • Live from the Deep: Nothing quite like submarines piping in from the briny depths! A historic session brought the deep ocean (340 meters depth) to the slopes of Davos in partnership with OceanX, highlighting the excitement of ocean exploration and how ocean tech is enabling a sustainable blue economy.

A Few Calendar Highlights for 2024:

A string of conferences paves the road to Nice, France for the next UN Ocean Conference in June 2025. We plan on participating in a number of these events, including the Blue Ocean Investment Summit, Monaco World Oceans Week and the Economist’s World Ocean Summit (see links at end of newsletter). Here’s a helpful roadmap from our friend Daniela Fernandez at Sustainable Ocean Alliance. In addition, mark your calendars for the 8th Annual World Oceans Week at The Explorers Club, June 3rd-8th in NYC. Several of us are involved with this event on a personal basis – it’s going to be awesome, details to follow!

Upcoming Investor Gathering:

On February 15th we’ll be hosting a “hybrid” gathering, both in person at The Explorers Club in NYC and by Zoom, during which we’ll feature two early stage blue economy companies. If you’re signed up as an accredited or institutional investor with us, you’ll receive an invitation next week – if you’re not, and would like to join, please reach out to us at contact@investableoceans.com. In addition, Ted is co-hosting an invite-only event for Impact of Networking (aka Impact of Beer) immediately following our investor gathering – if you would like to learn more please reach out to Ted at ted@investableoceans.com. Important note: neither of these events are endorsed by or affiliated with The Explorers Club, we are only using that space as a venue.

1000 Ocean Startups Steering Committee:

We’re also delighted to announce our deeper engagement with 1000 Ocean Startups, the global coalition of ocean innovation ecosystem leaders committed to “backing at least 1000 ocean startups by 2030.” Earlier this week we joined the Steering Committee along with the brilliant Milly PItts of Ocean Exchange, and the next day were fortunate to become a Co-Chair of the Steering Committee – partnering with ocean innovation pioneers Ingrid Maurstad and Katapult Ocean. We look forward to working with these colleagues, as well as the 40+ members of 1000OS and Ron Tardiff/Sam Zak from the World Economic Forum who host our initiative through the “Lighthouse” under the Ocean Action Agenda.

Don’t Stop Scrolling:

  • An original quote on the relevance of the oceans to the new 'From Risk to Reward' report from Dr. Nathaniel Matthews, one of the report authors and CEO of Global Resilience Partnership
  • A bold engineering project that seeks to prevent glacial melt and slow sea level rise
  • A new report from Our Shared Seas that presents trends on global ocean funding over the past decade-plus

As always, we thank you for your support and look forward to an exciting year ahead for the oceans!

The Investable Oceans Team



Timothy K on Unsplash


From Risk to Reward: The Business Imperative to Finance Climate Adaptation and Resilience

“The 'From Risk to Reward' report by The Global Resilience Partnership, BCG and USAID illuminates the imperative for the blue economy and ocean sectors to not only protect against climate risks, but also the significant opportunity to grow and drive investments through innovative adaptation solutions, especially through public-private partnerships. These pathways towards resilience will help chart a course for resilience and prosperity across the ocean in the face of climate challenges.” – Dr. Nathaniel Matthews, Report Author & CEO of Global Resilience Partnership




How AI and satellite imagery can make humans’ ocean activity more transparent

A team of researchers combined satellite images, vessel GPS data and artificial intelligence to create the most comprehensive public picture available of industrial uses of the ocean.


Revisiting the Ocean: Living the Blue Economy

Author and former President of the Republic of Seychelles, James Alix Michel, delves into a multitude of blue economy initiatives to spread optimism and hope for the future of our planet.


Hot Pink Dolphins

This Patagonia Films’ documentary short follows three members of a grassroots organization as they work to return captive dolphins to the wild and create a marine protected area in Jeju Island, South Korea.


Scientists Propose Gigantic Floating Curtain to Prevent Glacial Melt and Slow Sea Level Rise

A bold engineering project proposed by British glaciologists seeks to curb impacts of climate change by deflecting deep, warm water currents that eat away at glaciers.



Investing in a Blue Economy

Tony Roth, CIO for Wilmington Trust Investment Advisors Inc, discusses the emergence and importance of the blue economy, and shares opportunities to support its sustainable growth in various sectors.


Funding Trends 2023: Tracking the State of Global Ocean Funding

The landscape-level report presents trends on global ocean funding over the past decade-plus. The primary focus is on mapping marine conservation funding from the philanthropic sector, with this report representing the most comprehensive global analysis on the topic.


mCDR Field Trial Database

This interactive tool from Ocean Visions allows users to explore information on the different mCDR pathways being tested, details of carbon dioxide sequestration, MRV strategy, and lessons learned from the trials.



ARPA-E SEA-CO2 Kickoff

FEBRUARY 18th - 23th

Ocean Sciences Meeting



MARCH 11th - 13th

World Ocean Summit & Expo

46 East 70th Street, New York, New York 10021


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