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Welcome to our August Newsletter.

We hope you’ve had a safe and enjoyable summer.

Last month’s newsletter emphasized plastics: this month we’re shifting to climate, in recognition of the pioneering and sobering Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) released by the IPCC this month that adds to the wake-up calls of the last several years. If you don’t have time to read the 3949 page version (link below), here’s a useful summary of the key findings and takeaways. We’ve also included two books in the newsletter that we think amplify this message effectively and eloquently.

Busy autumn for the oceans on the way

The IUCN Conference kicks things off in early September, in Marseille, see our calendar listings below for that and other upcoming events. And remember, if you subscribe to the calendar you can add it to your other calendars, which we find helpful to keep track of all the wonderful ocean events pertaining to blue economy investing. If we’re missing any you’d like to see included, please let us know!

Innovation community gearing up

While they’re always active, this fall incubators, accelerators, clusters and contests seem to be taking their programs to a whole new level. We’re delighted to be engaged with many of them, including the following where we’re serving as advisor, mentor, judge or participant - Creative Destruction Lab (CDL)/Atlantic Oceans Stream, Ocean Exchange’s 10th Annual Event, Ocean Impact Organization’s Pitchfest 2021, Seaworthy Collective, and 1000 Ocean Startups. If you’re not already involved with this community, we encourage you to dive in; these organizations are doing inspirational work for the oceans.

Introducing Meet the Experts

Because we’re all pressed for time, we’ve started to ask a variety of ocean experts to tell us what they’re working on in one minute(!) videos called “Meet the Experts”. This video series will introduce you to leading practitioners from business, science, NGOs, the arts (and more), who are leading the way to a more sustainable ocean economy. Our 10th episode featuring MANG will be released this Monday on our various social channels, and you can see an example video below. We will be adding many more over the coming months so be sure to tune in every other Monday! If you’d like to participate please let us know, all you need is an iPhone and a few minutes from your busy schedule.

Enjoy your end of summer, and thank you, as always, for your engagement.

Ted, Brian, Vanessa and Glenn





Meet the Experts - BlueNalu (Lou Cooperhouse)

For this first feature, we’re proud to showcase BlueNalu. Their cell-cultured seafood is posed to offer a third, sustainable seafood option. The food tech startup successfully closed their last round of funding and is currently competing for the XPRIZE Foundation Challenge – Feed the Next Billion. You can watch all the "Meet the Experts" videos here





All We Can Save

A new innovation aiming to scale up the seaweed farming industry, a promising asset in the fight against climate change.


Claire Milner

Climate change and mass extinction are the central focus of this ARTivist’s stunning collections that speak for nature and her wild creatures.


A ‘sea tractor’ harvests and replants carbon-capturing seaweed at this floating farm

Curated by two climate leaders, the book is a collection and celebration of visionaries who are leading us on a path toward all we can save.


The Ministry for the Future

Legendary science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson explores climate change in a novel set in the near future.




AR6 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis

The IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report provides a high-level summary of the understanding of the current state of the climate. Delve into the latest key scientific findings, the role of human influence and knowledge about possible climate futures.


What is integrated aquaculture and how can it help feed the world?

Growing different types of species together while utilizing the same water source paves the way for Climate Smart Aquaculture, a strategy that can increase the aquaculture sector’s resilience to climate change.


En-ROADS: Climate Change Solutions Simulator

Powerful tool that gives users the ability to design their own scenarios to limit future global warming. Test the impacts of numerous parameters ranging from energy supply to carbon removal technologies to population growth.




SEPTEMBER 15th - 16th

Floating Offshore Wind 2021


SEPTEMBER 20th - 24th

World Fisheries Congress 2021



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