Ammonia: zero-carbon fertiliser, fuel and energy store

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Ammonia: zero-carbon fertiliser, fuel and energy store

Future zero-carbon energy scenarios are predicated on wind and solar energy taking prominent roles. Matching demand-driven energy provision with low-carbon energy security, from these intermittent sources, requires long-term sustainable energy storage.

This briefing considers the opportunities and challenges associated with the manufacture and future use of zero-carbon ammonia, which is referred to in this report as green ammonia.

The production of green ammonia has the capability to impact the transition towards zero-carbon through the decarbonisation of its current major use in fertiliser production.

Perhaps as significantly, it has the following potential uses:

• As a medium to store and transport chemical energy, with the energy being released either by directly reacting with air or by the full or partial decomposition of ammonia to release hydrogen.

• As a transport fuel, by direct combustion in an engine or through chemical reaction with oxygen in the air in a fuel cell to produce electricity to power a motor.

• To store thermal energy through the absorption of water and through phase changes between material states (for example liquid to gas).


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