February 2022



Welcome to our February Newsletter.

Events of Note:

Earlier this month France’s One Ocean Summit in Brest convened global leaders to address ocean pollution, climate change and governance - here is a helpful review. We feature one particularly innovative initiative below: a game changing, new global ocean finance ecosystem led by the Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance (ORRAA).

This coming week, The Economist is hosting their always-compelling World Ocean Summit (see calendar link below). Here is a brief description of the proceedings, as well as a useful event calendar for the coming months. Please feel free to keep track of these events and many others by subscribing to our Investable Oceans calendar.

Upcoming Guidance for Financial Institutions:

During the aforementioned World Ocean Summit, UNEP FI will release the second installment of its groundbreaking work in ocean finance guidance for banks, insurers and investors. This practical guide, Diving Deep: Finance, Ocean Pollution & Coastal Resilience, will help institutions align decision-making with a healthy ocean. It surveys ocean pollution, including plastics and other solid waste, and coastal infrastructure (seawalls, surge barriers, etc.). A webinar on March 10th will provide more detailed insights into this seminal initiative. Investable Oceans greatly appreciates being a part of the Working Group supporting UNEP FI’s pioneering work in this area.

Team Evolution at Investable Oceans:

As some of you may have heard, Vanessa Fajans-Turner, one of our Founding Principals, is running for Congress in upstate New York. Vanessa has a longstanding commitment to climate and oceans - you can learn more about her candidacy here. We are grateful for her many contributions to Investable Oceans and look forward to a future relationship with Vanessa as Senior Advisor and Founding Principal.

We’re also delighted to welcome two new Principals to our team. Tariq Rafique, an experienced financier and investor whom we’ve known for a long time, will be managing our offeror evaluation and selection. Tiffany Duong, a committed ocean storyteller and change-maker, will continue to build upon her wide-ranging role as Head of Content and Partnerships. You can read more about Tariq and Tiffany on our About Us page.

Social Media Update:

Our social media team has been busy with a few exciting new campaigns. Below you will find a link to our very first #Cooking4Climate episode. In this Instagram Live series, we invite our audience to reimagine how they eat, including more items made from regenerative ocean practices. We were thrilled to co-host the inaugural event with Oceanic Global and will be inviting other leaders in the ocean space to join us going forward as we cook and eat for the planet.

We thank you as always for your support.

The Investable Oceans Team





Cooking4Climate - Episode 1

We celebrated the big game this month by hosting a Blue Super Bowl, the first in our new #Cooking4Climate Instagram Live series. We sampled 12 Tides kelp chips with dips - enjoying our snacks while doing good for the planet. Win-Win, no matter what team you root for. Next up, kelp smoothies -stay tuned!





Plans for Creation of New Global Ocean Finance Ecosystem Unveiled

Learn about a new, dynamic global ocean finance initiative that seeks to channel substantial financial resources into sustainable ocean projects, led by ORRAA.


A Blue New Deal

Chris Armstrong reveals how existing governing institutions are failing to respond to the most pressing problems of our time, arguing that we must do better.


Secrets of the Whales

Brian Skerry’s provocative book of photography offers bold new insight into the lives of the world's largest mammals, along with their complex societies.



Patagonia film, Fishpeople, tells the stories of a unique cast of characters who have dedicated their lives to the sea.




DiCaprio and Bezos join Wildtype’s $100 million series B funding

Cell-cultured, or “cultivated”, seafood is on the rise as a promising innovative approach to sustainable salmon production, with big names and investments for leading company, Wildtype.


Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States

NOAA’s 2022 Sea Level Rise Technical Report provides the most up-to-date sea level rise projections available for all U.S. states and territories by decade for the next 100 years and beyond.


Blue Recovery Bond Dashboard

Planet Tracker’s Blue Recovery Bond Dashboard offers an interactive platform for investors to see how this type of bond could help trigger a recovery in fish stocks and generate higher returns for fishing companies.




Aquaculture America 2022


MARCH 15th - 17th

Oceanology International



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