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Welcome to our January Newsletter.

We hope you are doing well.

This year is off to a fast start for the oceans, with a constant stream of innovations, programs and companies. We update our Quick Dips (short reads), Deep Dives (longer pieces) and Calendar (see below) pretty frequently; we hope that combination provides you with a useful resource to keep up to speed and engaged. And please always feel free to suggest additions or ways we can improve our offering.

More Investor Gatherings on the Way:

This Thursday we’ll have our second Gathering of the year (16th overall), and we’ll feature robots and conch. During these sessions, two companies present to members of the Investable Oceans community. Gatherings are interactive and informal, with opportunities to connect with leaders in the Blue Economy space. If you are an Accredited Investor and would like to participate, please make sure you are registered and then contact us.

Last Week’s ADB Conference:

This past week we were delighted to participate in ADB’s Healthy Oceans Tech and Finance Forum, specifically in the panel “Identifying and Accelerating Bankable Ocean Projects”. Over three days, the sessions provided a unique and engaging overview of the oceans’ challenges and opportunities, both at a regional and global level. Here is a link to the agenda and session recordings, which will be available for six months (registration required).

Blue Carbon Takes the Stage:

Blue Carbon is an increasingly bigger part of the Blue Economy conversation. If you’re new to the topic and have just two minutes, this WEF video helps connect the dots among blue carbon, mangrove restoration, carbon sequestration, carbon credits, climate change and bankable projects (whew!) . Here is a link to the WEF site for those interested in exploring further.

At the root of this excitement is the idea that mangroves, seagrasses and saltmarshes can prove a mighty ally in battling climate change while protecting natural and human ecosystems in a global and inclusive way. While the prospect of large corporations fulfilling net zero commitments by preserving and growing these environments at scale is exciting, much work needs to be done to develop this important market. This translates, in our world, into more opportunities for investment, blended finance and philanthropy.

Collaboration in 2022:

One of the best things about working in the oceans is the sense of community and shared mission. We first heard the phrase “radical collaboration” a few years back from our friends at Lonely Whale, and we think it captures the spirit of working together to effect the change we seek and need. Whether you visualize it this way, or as breaking down silos, or as always keeping Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17 in the conversation, it’s a vital part of the ocean agenda for 2022.

We wish you a happy and healthy year ahead, and thank you as always for your support.

The Investable Oceans Team





The Leatherback Project (Callie Veelenturf)

This month's expert video comes straight from an expedition, where conservation biologist Callie Veelenturf successfully deployed satellite tags on adult sea turtles in the Pearl Islands Archipelago in Panama.





National Geographic Ocean: A Global Odyssey

Discover the world's oceans--from tides and currents to the creatures living in it to the impact it has on our lives, whether we know it or not--in this richly illustrated overview of the life force that defines and sustains our planet.


An Indian startup could revolutionize ocean farming with its 'sea combine harvester'

Sea6 Energy has prototyped an automated catamaran that simultaneously harvests fully-grown seaweed and replants freshly-seeded lines in the ocean.


Durham’s Green2Go service offers a reusable solution to plastic takeout containers

This reusable container service is collaborating with its local network of restaurants to tackle the issue of plastic waste in the food delivery industry.


Jackson Xia

This ARTivist is developing better communication methods about environmental solutions and introducing friends to dance as a climate anxiety-relief tool.




Indonesian aquaculture startup breaks records with $90 million raise

Indonesian aquatech start up, eFishery, will use the record breaking funds to build out their integrated digital platform that improves local shrimp and fish farm productivity through access to resources and support.


Global Plastic Navigator

This tool allows users to explore an interactive map that models ocean plastic accumulation patterns, sources of plastics, how they travel, and countries’ level of support for a new global agreement on plastic pollution.


Decoding Coral Reefs: Exploring Their Status, Risks and Ensuring Their Future

Coral reefs provide essential ecosystem services for marine life and coastal communities, but are facing serious threats. This piece offers a look into coral reef basics, the main threats they are facing, and their current status.



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