Waste and Opportunity 2020: Searching for corporate leadership

Conrad MacKerron, KellyMcBee, & David Shugar Plastics & Pollution

Waste and  Opportunity 2020: Searching for corporate leadership
As You Sow

Plastic pollution is a global crisis that is actively threatening oceans, wildlife, and public health. Plastic pollution has rapidly elevated to crisis level in the past three years as better data on the scope of the problem has become available. Single-use packaging has grown to be a major component of the four million to 12 million tons of plastic trash that escapes capture and is swept into waterways annually.

To address these pollution concerns, as well as reduce the use of extractive resources, companies must prioritize a shift away from wasteful single-use packaging and move toward circular models that prioritize significant, absolute reductions in overall use of plastic, as well as promote reusability, recyclability, or compostability in their packaging.

This study measures the progress of 50 large companies in the beverage, quick-service restaurant, consumer packaged goods, and retail sectors on six core pillars where swift action is needed to reduce plastic pollution:

  1. Packaging Design
  2. Reusable Packaging
  3. Recycled Content
  4. Packaging Data Transparency
  5. Support for Recycling and
  6. Producer Responsibility.

Access the full report here.

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