Reviving the Oceans Economy: The Case for Action

World Wildlife Fund

Reviving the Oceans Economy: The Case for Action
yang wewe on Unsplash

The evidence is clear: the ocean is a major contributor to the global economy, but its asset base is being rapidly eroded. To restore the ocean’s productive capacity before it is too late, the world must take urgent action. This report charts a clear course for reviving the ocean economy. The tools to solve the problem are proven: now the world needs leadership. The first priority must be for all countries to commit to ramping up the effective conservation of coastal and marine habitat in their juridictions, and to support a global agreement on sustainable development at the United Nations that reflects this resolve and shared responsibility. 2015 is the crucial year to forge this global effort and to see action to reduce the worst impacts of climate change. These actions in particular will help to revive the ocean and its powerhouse economy.

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