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Investors and the Blue Economy

In addition to being the largest natural carbon sink on the planet, our ocean is a tremendous source of economic livelihoods for billions of people. The value of global ocean assets is estimated at over US$24 trillion -- making it the seventh largest economy in the world in GDP terms. 

Further, the global ‘Blue Economy’ is expected to expand at twice the rate of the mainstream economy by 2030, and already contributes US$2.5 trillion a year in economic output. 

The transition from the current short-term, destructive approach to ocean assets towards a more climate-secure and sustainable Blue Economy presents a tremendous economic and sustainable investment opportunity. 

The seas have had to endure industrial fishing, the depletion of fish populations and habitat destruction as well as being used as a dumping ground for chemical and plastic waste. 

Decades of harmful approaches – coupled with the damaging effects of climate change - have put the long-term survival of the ocean and therefore its investment potential at risk. 

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