Generating Opportunities

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Generating Opportunities
James Donaldson on Unsplash

Oceanographic: What does the term ‘blue economy’ stand for? What does it entail?

Markus Müller: For me, it’s surprising that the world is celebrating the term blue economy as something new. It’s nothing new, right? It’s a term that has existed since humanity has existed. I’ve quoted it somewhere, it’s from a book: that we as creatures or a species stand at the edge between land and maritime world, so for us, this shouldn’t be anything alien. But I think, based on the discussion about the change in our climate, the change caused by changes in the atmosphere, humanity also started to be more worried about the biodiversity and the other aspects of the world, which I call life pillars – the atmosphere, the land, as well as the maritime world. In this context, they have become more conscious that there is an entire economy around the ocean.

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