CREO Investment Report Release: Aquaculture Value Chain

Gracie White & Maggie Fried, CREO Fisheries & Aquaculture

CREO Investment Report Release: Aquaculture Value Chain

The growing demand for seafood, combined with the stagnation or decline of wild fish stocks is driving the growth of the aquaculture sector. However, for aquaculture to meet this need in a manner that is both sustainable and commercially viable, significant capital will be required across the value chain. Industry experts often point to the critical role that family offices and similar like-minded investors can play in the development of the sustainable aquaculture sector by providing capital with a long time horizon, a willingness to take risks associated with advancing innovation, and an ability to provide follow-on capital. There is a wide range of investment opportunities within the aquaculture industry, and deal characteristics differ widely along the value chain. This paper seeks to provide an overview of the characteristics, investment opportunities, and risks of each part of the value chain and its sub-sectors.

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