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Climate Week in NYC - Oceans at the table!

Climate Week was hectic as usual and packed with gatherings. We participated in as many as we could, including World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Meetings (SDIM) , Nasdaq & WSJ Custom Events’ second annual ESG Leadership Forum, and the UNGC Ocean Stewardship Coalition’s Ocean at UNGA 2022. Our overall feeling from these and other meetings: while we always strive for more, oceans had a tangible, vibrant presence during Climate Week, with substantive engagement and lots of new initiatives announced. A few highlights below, please click through to learn more:

Super Year for the Oceans? 🤞🤞🤞

At one meeting a notable participant expressed optimism that six global 2022 milestone events - past and future - held the collective potential to create the ocean “super year” we all hope for. Here they are, please click through to read more about each:

There are numerous other conferences and programs scheduled for 2022 – please see some highlights below and visit our calendar. Investable Oceans will be presenting at several of them, including October’s Economist Impact’s World Ocean Tech and Innovation Summit in Halifax and the World Ocean Council’s BlueFin22 event.

Sustainable Ocean Investing Goes Mainstream

The World Economic Forum recently posted Ted’s article, Sustainable ocean investing goes mainstream, as part of its Sustainable Development Impact Meetings. The bottom line: market-based sustainable ocean investing is growing across all sectors and asset classes of the blue economy. The post also provides an overview of innovative research and frameworks that are laying the foundation for science based, data-driven sustainable ocean investing.

The ocean investment landscape is rapidly evolving, so we’ll be providing updates and deeper dives on these topics on LinkedIn going forward. We invite you to join us on this journey!

Keep reading, lots more below!

As usual, we feature a sampling of our website content below, including deep dives, innovations, books and cool tools. And lots more on the Investable Oceans site. One note: to celebrate autumn, our landing page features a new video of a turtle hatchling making his way into the ocean for the first time, courtesy of our own Morgan Bennett-Smith. Sincere thanks to SeaLegacy and Only One for letting us display Paul Nicklen’s beautiful kelp forest imagery up to now.

We thank you for your support, as always!

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Morgan Bennett-Smith, Investable Oceans


Sustainable Ocean Investing Goes Mainstream

Market-based sustainable ocean investing is surging, with opportunities across all sectors and asset classes of the blue economy. Meanwhile, robust new frameworks are enabling innovative ocean investment strategies and laying a strong foundation for future ocean ESG initiatives. In this recent piece for the World Economic Forum, Ted shares his insights on how to accelerate blue economy investing: more offerings for individuals and institutions; more science-based strategies; and more collaboration.





Finding New Drugs From the Deep Sea via ‘eDNA’

Biologists and engineers are collaborating to build autonomous underwater vehicles with DNA-sequencing technology to accelerate the development of marine-derived medicine.


The Log from the Sea of Cortez

Follow Steinbeck and biologist Ed Ricketts along their 4,000-mile voyage in the Gulf of California in this ocean classic that provides an exciting day-to-day account of the journey.


Cell-based Eel Startup Boasts New Cultivation Tech

Israeli food tech startup Forsea Foods has developed an innovative method for creating cell-cultured eel using organoid technology, which relies on fewer growth factors.


Sigma Energy deploys full-scale wave energy prototype offshore Montenegro

Slovenia-based company Sigma Energija has deployed a full-scale wave energy device in the Adriatic Sea after two and a half years of testing and intensive development.




What’s the Value of Carbon?

Ecosystems thinking, rather than ego-systems thinking, is critical in vauling carbon correctly according to Pedro Ahlers from Innovation Architect for Sustainability. Importantly, effective carbon pricing can enable new business models and manage investment risk more effectively.


5 Ocean Startups Transforming the Future of Marine Conservation

This article presents ocean obstacles and opportunities, and highlights five ocean startups turning the tide through innovative technologies and approaches, including: 12 Tides, Ashored Innovations, Brim Explorer, Pesky Fish, and SafetyNet Technologies.


Ocean Watch

Check out WRI’s Beta version of Ocean Watch, an extensive and user-friendly open data platform that delivers science to policy makers developing sustainable ocean economies and operationalizing integrated ocean management.



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