March 2021



This past month has been an eventful one for the oceans. The United States made headlines by reentering the Paris Climate Agreement, the first global agreement to acknowledge the integral role oceans play in climate stability. This move repositions the US as a significant player in marine commerce and conservation, opening up new pathways for impactful and remunerative public-private partnerships. Climate health is ocean health, with blue investments serving as vehicles to help us ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

Last week, The Economist hosted their 8th annual comprehensive and inspiring World Ocean Summit - here's a link to the conference highlights which included the roll-out of UNEP FI's new practical guidelines for financial institutions involved in the blue economy. Investable Oceans was grateful for the opportunity to serve as a member of the Working Group in this landmark initiative.

This week we also hosted a conversation on BrightTALK with two inspiring Blue Ecomomy leaders, Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer and Global Head Sustainability Strategy, Advisory and Finance at Credit Suisse, and Amy Novogratz, Cofounder /Managing Partner, Aqua-Spark. The title is Sustainable Ocean Investing Gets Real: Opportunities Across All Asset Classes - and the replay is available.

We’re also hosting two more March Gatherings to bring together emerging companies with Accredited Investors. And we continue to add content to our website, having just launched a podcast section with a dozen engaging offerings. You can browse them here and if we’re missing your favorite please email us. Finally on March 30th we’re delighted to partner with Women Power Our Planet (WPOP) for the first of a series of ocean investing events for their dynamic nationwide network of 5000 women.

We unfortunately have to end on a truly sad note - this past week Shimrit Perkol-Finkel unexpectedly and tragically passed away. Shimrit was a remarkable person, and we want to express our deepest sympathies to her family, as well as her friends and colleagues. Here is just one of the many tributes of recent days that reflected on a vibrant and meaningful life.

Ted, Brian, Vanessa and Glenn





The Ocean Impact Podcast

A shout out to our friends at Ocean Impact Organization. In a recent episode they talk with Brian Takeda from Urchinomics, the innovative sea urchin startup.





Why We Swim

A deep dive into our relationship with water. Bonnie Tui draws on her personal experience to celebrate the joy that swimming brings to so many.


Meet VindØ – The World’s First Energy Island

The artificial island, made of submersible concrete boxes, is to be built in the Danish part of the North Sea, around 60 miles from land.


Anne de Carbuccia

Anne grew up in Corsica, surrounded by the ocean. Explore her series "Time Shrines" - temporary installations created in symbolic locations.


Mission Blue

Follow legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle and her mission to save and protect the ocean through a worldwide network of marine protected areas.




Turning the Tide: How to Finance a Sustainable Ocean Recovery

The UN’s market-first practical toolkit for financial institutions to immediately start financing ocean sectors in a sustainable way.


Plastic Footprint Calculator

Are you a conscious consumer? Discover your plastic footprint with this simple 3 minute quiz.


Why ocean literacy is crucial for the leaders of tomorrow

Ocean literacy is widely seen as the core foundation that society needs in order to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the sustainable management of the ocean



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