June 2023

Investable Oceans Newsletter - June 2023


Welcome to our June Newsletter!

June is Becoming World Oceans Month:

World Oceans Day at the United Nations was another huge success, thanks to inspired curation by Oceanic Global and the UN team. We already described World Oceans Week at The Explorers Club in our May Newsletter, adding a few updates here:

Overall, the number of “side events” rose dramatically, and Investable Oceans participated in events with Only One, Citigroup and Ocean Frontier Institute. World Oceans Week is on a path to becoming another Climate Week NYC and we expect to see continued growth in the depth and breadth of offerings next year.

Later in June, Ted was delighted to kick-off the OCEANOVATION Festival in The Hague together with Chris Gorell Barnes in a fireside chat. Chris began with an inspired framing of the necessity of taking bold action to effectively steward our oceans. Congratulations to Rick Wall and the OCEANOVATION team on curating an engaging and meaningful event.

Ocean + Climate Integration Accelerating at Upcoming Conferences:

Climate Week NYC : We’re seeing a significant increase in ocean side-events getting scheduled during this important annual event taking place September 17-24. Investable Oceans is involved in planning a number of these, and would welcome suggestions from our community on content and focus areas. Hopefully this broader ocean offering will entice more sea folks to make their way to New York City to help accelerate the change we are seeking.

COP 28 : The Ocean Pavilion at COP 27 was the first time the ocean was the singular focus of a pavilion inside the central “Blue Zone,” and we're excited that Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego will be building on this success at COP 28 in Dubai this winter. This type of collaboration and leadership represents a new level of integrating the ocean into global climate dialogue and action.

Three New Special Learning Opportunities (links further down in newsletter):

  • Citigroup launched its thoroughly researched and thoughtful report on the oceans during World Oceans Week at The Explorers Club. Congratulations to Ying Qin and the GPS team for this valuable contribution to the field - it’s a foundational piece we highly recommend reading, and will undoubtedly serve as a reference tool for those working on ocean issues in the future. Ted was delighted to participate as an Expert Contributor on this report.
  • Our good friend Paula DiPerna just released her fascinating book Pricing the Priceless. Paula has a long and wide-ranging background in the oceans, (including working closely with Jacques Yves-Cousteau). This is a great way to “pull the camera back” on the intersection of climate, economics and finance - an awesome summer read!
  • Ted’s TEDxBoston talk has been uploaded to the organization’s YouTube Channel. The goal was to provide - in less than 10 minutes - a simple way to visualize the different types of capital that flow into the oceans and how those sources can complement each other to effect change.

Don’t Stop Scrolling!

  • An artivist that produces mindful and immersive content to connect us with the oceans
  • A new insight report from the 11th annual World Ocean Summit & Expo in Lisbon
  • An interactive platform for seaweed lovers from HATCH Innovation Series

As always, we thank you for your support.

The Investable Oceans Team




TEDxBoston: How Can We Finance Sustainable Oceans?

The oceans are investable in many ways, and this talk from our Founder & Principal serves as an invitation for you to participate in creating a sustainable and just blue economy. Ted begins with three ways capital flows into the oceans across the spectrum, from philanthropy to investments seeking a market return. He then explores various ways you can catch this wave, depending on your passions and interests.




Pricing the Priceless

Renowned environmental strategist, speaker and author Paula DiPerna explores the new frontier of finance with a focus on challenging conventional ideas of how and why we value natural assets.


The Custodians

This short feature from Patagonia Films follows the work of four locals from the West Coast of Scotland who are reclaiming their natural coastlines by restoring wildlife and creating sustainable industries.


Sounds of the Ocean

Sounds of the Ocean is an award-winning UN Ocean Decade Activity produced by Embodied Sounds that offers immersive content and experiences to connect us with the oceans and support our well-being.


Seaweed systems deployed to protect Great Barrier Reef

This innovative project is trialing the potential of installing seaweed biofilters as a way to naturally remove excess nitrogen in the Great Barrier Reef to help improve reef ecosystem resilience.



Sustainable Ocean Economy: Charting a Prosperous Blue Future from Risk to Resilience

Citigroup’s report is a primer on the business case for ocean action and engagement by demonstrating why a broader view of the ocean economy is needed to address all the drivers of ocean health decline, and the need for more integrated ocean management and governance.


Ocean Health is Planetary Health

This new report from the World Ocean Initiative offers insights on how the global community is coming together to accelerate a sustainable blue economy while tackling the greatest challenges facing the ocean: climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.


Seaweed Insights: A practical guide to global seaweed farming

Dive into this interactive platform from HATCH Innovation Services, which allows users to learn about seaweed cultivation systems step-by-step with insights from 100+ in-field interviews, and explore interactive maps and graphs of global seaweed production.


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