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"Big Ideas Into Action" is the relaunched podcast from the World Resources Institute, bringing you the big ideas that combat the world's most pressing environmental and developmental challenges. You'll hear the voices of those meeting the challenges on the ground across the globe and find out about the way we're finding the answers and translating them into action. We'll be podcasting in series of six to eight at a time, once a week, with occasional special episodes to add our insights and analysis in response to big events. The World Resources Institute works around the globe to turn big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity, and human well-being. We focus on seven urgent global challenges that must be addressed to reduce poverty, grow economies and protect natural systems: climate change, energy, food, forests, water, cities, and the ocean.

WRI's Big Ideas Into Action podcast

30 Episodes


The WRI Ross Center Prize for Cities is the premier global award celebrating and spotlighting transformative urban change, and its winner for 2020-21 has been announced. Which finalist won the... more

If you were a farmer and the climate changed, what would you do about it? At first you might simply try small experiments to adapt – after all, farmers are... more

The WRI Ross Center Prize for Cities is the premier global award celebrating and spotlighting transformative urban change. The five finalists for the 2020-21 prize come from five very different... more

This is a special World Ocean Day podcast that was orginally for the WRI Ocean program and the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy. It's with Carlos Manuel... more

Cameroon sits just north of the equator, right on the edge of the vast Congo River basin. It has around 20 million hectares of tropical forest, mainly in the south,... more

Ensuring that women have equal access to land rights, as well as a strong and respected voice in decision making, makes an enormous difference to the prosperity of communities across... more

The Leaders Summit called by President Joe Biden was in effect an opportunity to accelerate the response to the climate crisis - but did it achieve what it set out... more

Air quality is critical. Air pollution is linked to more than six million deaths a year , and it affects everything from the health of our lungs to the health... more

Here at WRI we’re used to talking about big ideas, big concepts and big things – from the climate to the ocean to the great cities and forests. But what... more

After eight and a half years Andrew Steer, our President and CEO, is leaving WRI, to lead the Bezos Earth Fund. What has he learned about how environmental challenges can... more

Every year the World Resources Institute analyses the latest data on how much of the world's tree cover has been lost in the previous calendar year. This year, the figures... more

Food loss and waste is a big deal. It means that a third of the food the world produces never gets eaten, and that carries a cost in terms of... more

In February 2021 Texas was hit by extremely cold weather. People died, transport ground to a halt, and the state's energy system failed. Demand spiked as people tried to keep... more

What are the stories to watch in 2021? Every year the World Resources Institute comes up with the questions to ask, the challenges to face and the opportunities to seize.... more

Adaptation is a vital tool to help combat the impacts of climate change, helping us to prepare for everything from changing weather patterns to rising sea levels. This podcast looks... more

It's now five years since the Paris Agreement, a landmark moment in the fight against climate change. The Agreement's aim is to help countries towards their climate targets, taking into... more

The 14 serving national leaders of the Ocean Panel have announced their headline commitment: to sustainably manage 100% of their national waters - an area equivalent to the Exclusive Economic... more

What will a Joe Biden presidency mean for the environment, for climate action, for energy, for technology? How will this tie in with recovery from the covid crisis, and what... more

Nearly 800 million people around the world lack secure access to the energy they need. Health services, schools, businesses and farms all need reliable electricity if they are to work... more

Is a city truly sustainable if pedestrians, cyclists and children are being killed and injured on its roads? Over 55% of the world's people now live in cities, but while... more

Millions of people in low and middle income countries around the world are affected by problems such as pollution in the air, the soil, the water, but don’t know what... more

How much of a role does water play in conflict, and how do you solve such challenges? These are the key questions at the heart of the third "Big ideas... more

What is landscape restoration, and what does it look like on the ground? In this second WRI "Big ideas into action" podcast we travel to Rwanda, to hear from the... more

Just what is a sustainable ocean economy, and should we get excited about it? That is the subject of the first in a relaunched series of WRI podcasts that now... more

A high-level cast of experts looks at some of the big issues about building back better in the wake of the Covid crisis – including the impact on development and... more

What is the role of finance and multilateral development banks in #BuildingBackBetter in the wake of the Covid crisis? Sir Suma Chakrabarti, the outgoing president of the European Bank for... more

The Covid-19 crisis has focused attention on the critical issue of air quality. Some places have experienced much cleaner air thanks to the lack of cars and buses, but at... more

How has the food system fared during the #Covid19 crisis? A recent WRI webinar explored that question, from Colombia to Nigeria to China, and across the globe. What failed and... more

06/16/2020 | 32 MINS

WRI#52 A Sustainable Ocean Economy

How - and why - do you build a sustainable ocean economy? WRI's Andrew Steer asks 4 experts affiliated with the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy (@OceanPanel... more

WRI's Frances Seymour takes Nicholas Walton through the latest global tree loss figures from Global Forest Watch. The overall picture is bad, but there are positive signs in Indonesia and... more

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