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Did you know that women are still rarely featured as first authors in leading scientific journals? Hosted by marine biologists Madeline St Clair & Charlie Young, the brand new Women in Ocean Science Podcast is here to put a new spin on scientific publications and to smash down gender stereotypes in marine science. From chemical oceanography to fisheries to tropical marine biology, the podcast champions the women behind the science, featuring a different ocean science paper and its corresponding author each week. Tune in every Monday for a podcast that celebrates the pioneering female researchers of today - and sheds a positive light on protecting the ocean.

Madeline St Clair & Charlie Young

14 Episodes


Our polar regions are often considered to be pristine untouched waters, largely due their remoteness and lack of civilization, yet both the Arctic and Antarctica are subject to local pollution... more

Marine mycology - have you heard of it? Also known as, the branch of biology concerned with the study of marine fungi. Today’s podcast guest, Cordelia Roberts, is a PhD... more

The plight of coral reefs is well known and urgent. Feeling the pressures of a changing climate, reefs around the world have become an ecosystem in crisis, and as global... more

Breaking boundaries as an undergraduate student, Meredith is an fisheries research student at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, who had the opportunity to do her own research on sailfish and... more

Joining this episode of the Women in Ocean Science podcast is Jessica Harvey Carroll, a PhD researcher studying how stress affects animal behaviour and population dynamics at the university of... more

As if coral reefs didn’t face enough anthropogenic pressures already, reefs across the world have to deal with a number of environmental pressures too. Amongst these is stony coral tissue... more

6 years ago, Clare was working a job she hated in a high-pressured accountancy firm in London. But then one day, after over 12 hours in the office, she came... more

Like many countries around the world, Indonesia experienced the virtual halt to tourism, caused by COVID-19, and indeed, after almost two years, has only just re-opened its borders to tourists.... more

On this episode of the WOS podcast we’re joined by Cassie Pardee, the co-founder of Poseidon Fisheries Research, based out of Hawaii. Her research lab focuses on the life-history of... more

This episode dives into the world of bioacoustics, otherwise known as the soundscape of the natural world. When Jaques Cousteau wrote his film, Le Mond du Silence, he actually got... more

Will there be a safe haven for corals in a changing ocean? Today on the the Women in Ocean Science podcast, hosts Mads and Charlie chat to PhD student, Amber... more

Should we still be relocating turtle nests? Today on the the Women in Ocean Science podcast, hosts Mads and Charlie sit down with PhD student, Lyndsey Tanabe, who is currently... more

How are sharks affected by climate change? Well, today on the Women in Ocean Science podcast, hosts Mads and Charlie speak to a leading female shark scientist, Dr. Jodie Rummer,... more

In the very first podcast episode, hosts Mads and Charlie catch up with marine biologist and microplastics researcher, Dr Imogen Napper. From analysing the world’s first microplastic samples on Everest... more

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