Veer · Clean Shipping
Issuer: Veer Corporation
Veer · Clean Shipping
Veer · Clean Shipping





Veer · Clean Shipping
Issuer: Veer Corporation

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Shipping goods the good way.
Wind + Green Hydrogen



Stakeholders are poised to support clean, resilient shipping. The essential service has pressure to innovate.

The global fleet, valued at $1.2 trillionUSD, moves 90% of all goods. Fuel represents 50-60% of ship OPEX costs, a volatile expense. 

The depreciating fleet will not be replaced by the same kinds of ships due to new regulations imposed by the IMO. These factors reveal that fossil fuel ships are rapdily becoming stranded assets.


Veer offers a clean solution for the future fleet: fast, economical, container vessels with a modular design and a long lifespan. Veer will design, build, and operate a fleet that is speed and cost competitive - as well as fossil fuel free.

Veer will provide clean shipping using proven technologies in an innovative manner:  DynaRig sail technology paired with green hydrogen fuel cells.


Client Base
Veer is seeking cargo partnerships. Clients may ship a minimum of one container, or charter a ship. The Cargo Owners for Zero Emission Vessels (coZEV) ambition statement signed by major companies such as Amazon, Ikea, Unilever, and more, set the precedent for others to follow. 


Veer will be moving cargo with two ships by November 2024 and six ships by 2026. Once construction has begun, a ship will take 18 months to complete. 

The preliminary design is complete and has received an Approval in Principle from  the American Bureau of Shipping, a recognized classification society. 


Veer has intentionally created enabling conditions for financiers to feel secure. By using mature technology and teams with proven histories of successful collaborations, risk is reduced.

Veer is seeking $2.6M of investment of deliberate, catalytic capital. Participation through a convertible note.

Veer Corporation

The Bahamas, No. 209335 B

Registered Trademark
‘‘Veer’’ is a registered  trademark, No. 323341.

UN Sustainable Development Goals
Veer® will contribute to achieving these, and more, United Nations Sustainable Development Goal

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