Issuer: USEFULL, Inc.





Issuer: USEFULL, Inc.

USEFULL is a tech-enabled circular economy solution designed to eliminate single-use food/beverage products. USEFULL empowers corporations, colleges, and closed loop communities to go zero waste.

USEFULL provides proprietary technology and custom-designed inventory of vacuum insulated stainless steel to-go cups and containers to partners. Via the USEFULL app, users can checkout and return our products anywhere within the network. Our returnable containers, enabled with technology, create a circular system.

Latest Update

October 2021 - awarded a $100k grant from the EPA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 1 for our pilot project on Block Island. We aim to leverage the SBIR grant to pilot a robust rollout of the USEFULL solution in a “closed-loop island community” - Block Island in Rhode Island. Due to the huge increase in consumption the island sees during the summer tourist season - a daily deluge of ~17x of the year-round residential population, the Island’s residents see a profound need for solutions that can help mitigate the environmental and financial burdens of waste.

The collaborative partnership with USEFULL will help the Block Island community restore, sustain, and benefit from a resilient ecosystem where single use packaging and plastics are no longer used day-to-day on island. By fully implementing USEFULL, we estimate that the community can eliminate up to 30 tons per year of disposable packaging that currently needs to be “imported” onto the island by ferry and then hauled off island as trash. This process of importing and exporting packaging is wasteful both in terms of financial and environmental impact.

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September 2021 - USEFULL accepted into the BlueSwell Incubator Program by New England Aquarium and SeaAhead

August 2021 - Finalist in the Red Sox and Mastercard Small Business Competition

June 2020 - MassChallenge Finalist 

January 2020 - Boston Globe Article

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