Tidal Sails AS
Issuer: Tidal Sails AS
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Tidal Sails AS
Issuer: Tidal Sails AS

Tidal Sails AS was established in Haugesund, Norway in 2004 in the midst of a vibrant energy and subsea cluster. Tidal Sails produce electricity from slow-moving rivers, tidal streams and ocean currents by combining ancient principles of ocean sailing with well proven alpine ropeway technology, to capture a large cross section of the energy stream in a highly efficient, gentle and resilient manner.

Tidal Sails resilient and extremely low weight technology platform is adaptable to most locations, and is protected by a set of patents worldwide. The slow moving sails, (6knots) 15 meter underneath the surface, are considered harmless to fish and sea mammals, and do not interfere with shipping lanes. The autonomous Self Adjustable & Variable Pitch Sail Control System assures optimal pitch according to current speed and direction. In strong currents with concurrent high sideways loads, excess power is effectively bled off in order not to compromise the structural integrity of the ropeway system – similar to easing out the main sail to prevent overpowering the sailboat in strong winds. Consequently an efficient Peak Shaving is also achieved!

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  • Tank and wind tunnel testing, Univ. of Hertfordshire, UK, 2006
  • First prototypes deployed in Skjoldastraumen, 2007
  • €3.5m – Eurostars project – “Best Norwegian Proposal”, 2008
  • €1.1m – FP7 EU project, “Tidal Sense”, 2009
  • CNBC Green Hero + Frost & Sullivan Technology Award, 2010
  • CNBC and Euronews feature broadcast , 2011
  • Demonstrator “Balder”: 25 kW in 2 m/s, “EU - Success Story”, 2011
  • Winner of European Venture Contest (851 companies) – Semifinal Energy, 2012
  • €1.6m – FP7 EU project “Magnetide”, 2013
  • IAIR Awards – Sustainability, 2014
  • Norwegian Coastal Administration-Exclusive Sponsorship, 2017
  • €1m – Innovation Norway pre project, 2018
  • EU – Seal of Excellence, 2019 
  • NVE- 6MW Tidal Permit, 2020

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