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Podcast hosted by marine educators and scientists with vast expertise in Sargassum and Coastal Communities. The podcasts interviews scientists, entrepreneurs, managers, community project leaders, government officials, artists, fishermen, people working in the tourism sector and others on how they experience Sargassum, a floating algae that has caused severe problems when beaching in the wider Caribbean and West Africa. Each interviewee will tell us of a solutions or new knowledge they came up with while dealing with Sargassum. 

Sargassum Podcast

18 Episodes


En este episodio tenemos a Kevin Gómez y Quira Michel, ambos de 22 años, estudian Biología Marina en la Universidad de Panamá y están investigando el impacto del Sargazo en... more

In this episode we speak with Tyann Henry, who has been the Environmental Officer for the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources in the Turks and Caicos Islands since 2021,... more

Charmaine Elliot used to work as a consultant/paralegal in many fields over the years until November 2021 when due to Medical Issues she was advised by her doctor to change... more

Christine Jimenez-Mariani est ex-navigatrice, est depuis toujours sensible aux problèmes environnementaux et à la pollution marine. Résidant depuis 2013 sur la Riviera Maya au Mexique, elle a régulièrement les pieds... more

Join us as we explore the world of recycling and environmental management in the British Virgin Islands with Julie Swartz, managing director of Green & Clean VI, Ltd. Discover how... more

In this episode we interview Leslie Hickerson and Fleur Hermanides. Leslie is a St. Maarten native In this episode we interview Leslie Hickerson and Fleur Hermanides. Leslie is a St.... more

En este episodio, presentamos a Isaac, un joven científico panameño que, a los 16 años, destacó en la feria científica con su proyecto sobre "Algas marinas contra enfermedades". Y también... more

In this episode, Gennike Mayers, chief interpreter for Interpreting Your Needs and co-founder of Geli Pedi Ltd, takes us on a journey into the world of Sargassum spa products. From... more

En este episodio, Omar Vázquez de Ocotlán, Jalisco, comparte detalles sobre su proyecto "Sargablock". Comenzó en 2018 en Puerto Morelos, donde, tras perder su trabajo con 300 empleados recolectando sargazo... more

Un nouvel épisode du podcast en français est publié ! Autour des sargasses se développent applications, méthodologies, recherches, dont le Sargassum podcast essaye de rendre compte ici, au fil des... more

In this episode, we delve into the current situation of Sargassum and its impact on Curaçao. Our guest, Luisa Flechas, a chemical engineer and business developer at the TNO Energy... more

In this episode, Vicky, an aquatic ecologist, and Philip, a marine science researcher, discuss the current situation of Sargassum in Ghana and its impact on people's lives, exploring the impact... more

In todays episode: Sabine and Jessica talk about the dynamic of the work in Bonaire, the importance of this area and how Sargassum are affecting its Marine Ecosystems Sabine Engel,... more

07/25/2023 | 60 MINS

E63 De Sargazo a Bioplástico

Juan y Andrea trabajan en BioPlaster, una compañía de investigación y desarrollo tecnológico que nace para enfrentar la gran cantidad de Sargazo que llega al Mar Caribe. En esta entrevista... more

Jeff Davis, of the Georgia Institute of Technology, has brought together a team of undergraduates to work on this “grand challenge”. The group of young engineers and biologists traveled to... more

From September 2022-Februrary, 2023, a multidisciplinary team of stakeholders in Montserrat comprised of government and civil society representatives was trained in the use of unmanned aerial systems (drones) for participatory... more

In this Episode Judith Raming talked about her work as a marine park manager, she has been working with the sargassum management in STINAPA, she identifies recent changes this year... more

In this Episode Joseph Montoya and Harshini Vummadi join us to talk about the understanding of the high biomass of Sargassum and their impacts on the open oceans and coastal... more

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