The Sargassum Podcast


Podcast hosted by marine educators and scientists with vast expertise in Sargassum and Coastal Communities. The podcasts interviews scientists, entrepreneurs, managers, community project leaders, government officials, artists, fishermen, people working in the tourism sector and others on how they experience Sargassum, a floating algae that has caused severe problems when beaching in the wider Caribbean and West Africa. Each interviewee will tell us of a solutions or new knowledge they came up with while dealing with Sargassum. 

Sargassum Podcast

14 Episodes


Sargassum beaching events have become an international challenge that requires globally-cooperative solutions. With such pressing challenges, thankfully, come incredibly innovative solutions to sargassum overproduction and decay.  Due to climate change,... more

Since 2011, vast masses of the free-floating algae Sargassum have been washing ashore on Caribbean beaches – some leaving coastlines three-feet deep in seaweed. When it isn't rotting on beaches,... more

Dr. Denise Herzing is the Founder and Research Director of the Wild Dolphin Project and has studied Atlantic spotted dolphins in the Bahamian waters for over 35 years. In addition... more

Dr. Rick Lumpkin is the Director of the Physical Oceanography Division of the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) research laboratory in Miami, FL: the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological... more

Courtney Gallaher is a jointly appointed associate professor in the Department of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences and the Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality at Northern Illinois... more

VictorDavid est docteur en droit de l’environnement. Il est chargé de recherche à l’IRD (Institut de recherche pour le développement), et en poste actuellement au Campus Agro Environnemental Caraïbe en... more

Ard Vreugdenhill is storyteller and conservationist with Nature Connecting, an NGO.  He just finished working in Barbados. Before that, he worked for over five years for Sea Turtle Conservation in... more

The Sargassum Podcast's Robby Thigpen interviews Darson Benet aka  Drizzle Roadrunna and his mom Ms. Mazy about the fire on Guanaja, their  family there and what they are trying to... more

Lindsay Martin is an Ocean Policy Specialist at the National Science Foundation (NSF) who is passionate about combining research with education. She has quite literally sailed around the world and... more

Ute Marx is Professor of Medical Engineering at Pforzheim University, but she has spent some of her research time in Brisbane Australia. Her teaching focuses on the subjects of technical... more

Professor Kwasi Appeaning Addo is a coastal processes specialist with vast experience in the West Africa coastal region. He is the Director of the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies... more

Sargassum Podcast Episode 33: A Different Kind of Invasion - Panel on Sargassum horneri in California  Our panel of guests today are:    Melissa Hanson   Melissa is the Co-Founder... more

Henrique Ramos is the CEO of SeaExpert, which is a fisheries services and consultancy firm. He developed several aquaculture projects through SeaExpert, as an algae harvesting operation for the cosmetics... more

Le samedi 14 août, un tremblement de terre de magnitude 7,2 a frappé Haïti, suivi lundi par la tempête tropicale Grace. Cette catastrophe a fait de nombreux morts, blessés et... more

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