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Podcast hosted by marine educators and scientists with vast expertise in Sargassum and Coastal Communities. The podcasts interviews scientists, entrepreneurs, managers, community project leaders, government officials, artists, fishermen, people working in the tourism sector and others on how they experience Sargassum, a floating algae that has caused severe problems when beaching in the wider Caribbean and West Africa. Each interviewee will tell us of a solutions or new knowledge they came up with while dealing with Sargassum. 

Sargassum Podcast

13 Episodes


In this episode we talk to Jasmine Harrison and Mark Sealey. Both of them have completed the 2020 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and rowed 3000 miles from the Canary Island... more

Nous continuons avec l’artiste Louisa Marajo, pour qui les sargasses constituent depuis 2018 une source d’inspiration. Louisa Marajo est d’origine martiniquaise, vit et enseigne à Paris, mais crée souvent in... more

Our guests today are Melissa de Freitas, Maxine Trotman and Tessa Davy.  Melissa is a Geophysicist working as Energy Officer at the Energy Unit  of the Government of St. Vincent.... more

In this episode we talk to Brigitte Gavio who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She leads the Research Group in... more

Our guest today is Dr Ashley Johns, the founder of Constructive Solutions which is helping with disaster relief efforts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He has 20 years experience... more

To see videos and pictures head to our youtube channel and watch the interview there:          Our guest today is Stacey Alvarez, a digital sales manager, legal  assistant, educational... more

E14: Conserving an incredible ecosystem with Teresa Mackey and Dr David Freestone of the Sargasso Sea Commission The Sargasso Sea Commission was established in 2014 with the goal of conserving... more

En este episodio hablamos con Deemian Vera  y Dagoberto Ruiz de la empresa mexicana de ingeniería marítima Dakatso. Demian nos habla de las barreras anti-sargazo, los botes de recolección del... more

In this episode we talk to Paola Díaz a biologist from Honduras currently studying a masters in Integrated Management of Tropical Coastal Areas at the University of Costa Rica. Her... more

In this episode we talk to Chris Gug who is better known as just Gug. He is regarded as one of America's foremost underwater photographers. Gug has been making waves... more

In this episode we talk to Jason Cole and Jorge Vega Matos, who are part of the 20-person strong team at C-Combinator, a public benefit corporation creating valuable circular economies... more

In this episode we talk to Dr. Debbie Bartlett.  She is Professor of Environmental Conservation at University of Greenwich. Her background is in consultancy, and she had experience of working... more

In this episode we talk to Javier Diaz. He is a Marine Biology Master student at University of Groningen, researching the importance of healthy fish nursery habitats in Curaçao, where... more

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