The Other 70%


What we think of as our footprint tends to be limited to the 30% of the Earth made up of rock, soil and sand, yet our lives on land depend heavily on the health of The Other 70%: our World Ocean. From climate regulation to food security to energy production, we are tied to the ocean in more ways than you might think.

Join host Nevin DiParlo in his conversations with entrepreneurs, technologists, and activists who are building the blue vision for the future, to learn more about your life on our Blue Planet.

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There are few people with closer ties to the ocean than the athletes who have built careers among the waves. In this episode, professional surfer Adrian "Ace" Buchan talks about... more

When the world’s best surfer asks you to build him the perfect wave, where do you begin? That’s the question Kelly Slater Wave Co.’s chief scientist Adam Fincham had to... more

You may have heard of The Ocean Cleanup, but how does the cleanup project work? In this episode of The Other 70%, the Ocean Cleanup’s lead computational modeler Bruno Sainte-Rose... more

The ocean: the final frontier? For years, space exploration has been viewed as the pinnacle of technological advancement; ocean exploration, on the other hand, viewed as a task for old... more

The ocean provides a wealth of resources to populations globally. From fisheries to tourism to energy production, many industries rely on the ocean-- and the so-called "blue economy" these industries... more

"Ghost fishing" doesn't refer to paranormal activity, but rather the entrapment of fish in discarded fishing nets or fishing gear. This harmful phenomenon is being tackled by diving organization Ghost... more

Cities, mountain ranges, open fields-- we have extensive knowledge of what the Earth's surface looks like. What the sea floor looks like, however, is a completely different story. Bedrock Ocean... more

Aquaculture and fisheries have been a hot topic recently. Is it sustainable to eat farmed fish? What do these fish actually eat? How does it compare to open-ocean fishing? To... more

Imagine a self-driving boat bringing you through the canals of Amsterdam. The Roboat project aims to make that a reality. Roboat is a development collaboration between the Amsterdam Institute for... more

What do you do with an offshore oil rig once it's no longer in use? One surprising option: turn it into an artificial reef. In this episode, we interview the... more

04/16/2021 | 1 MINS

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What we think of as our physical footprint tends to be limited to the 30% of the Earth made up of rock, soil and sand, yet our lives on land... more

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