Sustainable Sneakers made using Algae
Sustainable Sneakers made using Algae

Algae play an important role in a balanced ecosystem, but if they proliferate unchecked, the aquatic organisms release toxins that can have disastrous effects on humans, plants, and animals

So in an effort to rid waterways of the slimy goop, a footwear brand and an algae-harvesting business teamed up and came up with an innovative plan to put excess algae to good use. As Stephanie Milot reports for Geek, the two companies will soon release the “Ultra III,” a sneaker made from algae.

The new product is the brainchild of Vivobarefoot, which manufactures ultra-thin shoes, and Bloom, a company that uses algae to make flexible foams. The algae-based foams are sturdy but light-weight, making them a “naturally perfect material,” for performance footwear, according to Vivobarefoot’s website.




by Brigit Katz

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