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Sustainable Seafood
Sustainable Seafood 101
Aquaculture industry considers innovative solutions to rising cases of salmon deaths
Ocean issues show why multilateral cooperation still matters: WEF president
Food glorious blue foods
Boosting global food security with blue food
Aqua-Spark CEO: Institutional capital key to growing aquaculture
Risk assessment tool launched for aquafeed accountability
Hatch celebrates raising €75 million for Blue Revolution Fund
Women in the blue economy: 40% of seaweed startups are female-led
Investors Ride Aquaculture Tech Wave
How marine permaculture could revolutionize ocean farming
Seabed trawling found to be a major source of global CO2 emissions
New aquaculture developments, opportunities emerge globally in 2024
Jennifer Bushman
New study confirms seaweed and mussel farms improve biodiversity and abundance of marine life
Navigating the Tide: The Imperative of Sustainable Seafood
When is seafood truly sustainable?
Food Glorious Blue Food: The Ocean/Climate Gateway
Blue economy industry projected to reach $421 billion value by 2030
Sustainable fishing: The tech making it cheaper and greener
The humble oyster could hold the key to restoring coastal waters
Aquaculture Market to Reach $543.3 Billion by 2032
The Salmon on Your Plate Has a Troubling Cost. These Farms Offer Hope.
Aquaculture: Bringing Climate Resilience to Maine’s Blue Economy
US Congress considers SEAfood Act to advance offshore aquaculture in US waters
10,000 Wild Oysters Released Onto Human-Made Reef off Coast of England
Aquaculture: Bringing Climate Resilience to Maine’s Blue Economy
Sustainable Seafood Startups Are The Catch Of The Day
Our Oceans Are In A State Of Emergency. Aqua-Spark’s CEO Explains How Startups Can Help Restore Their Health
Aquaculture prioritised in NOAA’s inaugural National Seafood Strategy
Small Island States Pave the Path to Sustainable Fish Trade
Can Big Fish Lead the Way On Ocean Sustainability?
Hatch Unveils Latest Aquaculture Accelerator Cohort
Why $1.4 billion valuation is good news for eFishery and excellent news for the sector as a whole
Technology’s Role in Governing Sustainable Food Systems
Momentum Builds to “Blue” Climate Action at June Ocean Dialogue
Walton Family Foundation Poll Finds Strong Backing For Sustainable Seafood
How Nutrient-Rich Seafood Could Help Feed Millions - Without Overfishing
Pingree bill would support aquaculture, ecosystems, and the blue economy
What Will It Take To Get Institutional Investors Interested in Blue Economy Aquaculture?
Regenerative Aquaculture Crucial To Avoid Seafood Shortage by 2050
LA innovators dive into the sustainable ‘blue economy’
Meet the startups disrupting the blue food sector
Plant-based seafood and plastic-eating insects among EIT Food’s Marketed Innovation Prize winners
4 ways to ensure the future of aquaculture is sustainable
4 investors discuss the next big wave for alternative seafood startups
Umami Meats and Triplebar to collaborate on seafood cell lines
Blue Foods Can Help Solve Multiple Global Challenges
EMFF Backs Algae-Based Seafood Substitutes
Canadian Investment Firm Snaps Up Urchin Aquaculture Company
Regenerative Ocean Farming
COP27: Key Takeaways and What’s Next
Marine Biologists Are Optimising Fishing Practices in Europe
How Ocean Data Innovation Is Changing How We See The Sea
The Case For Farming More Herbivorous Marine Fish
Cell-based Eel Startup Boasts New Cultivation Tech
Dutch Seaweed Farmers Complete World’s First Offshore Mechanical Harvest
UNDP launches second cohort of Ocean Innovators
New study suggests seafood retailers can protect biodiversity and profitability
Avant Meats raises $10.8 million for its cell-cultured seafood
US startup Symbrosia has raised $7 million in new funding as it makes progress on its seaweed feed additive that reduces methane emissions from livestock.
Grow your own mussels: the new phenomenon of sea allotments
Can aquaculture businesses expect a “waterfall of capital”?
Global Study Sheds Light on the Valuable Benefits of Shellfish and Seaweed Aquaculture
High hopes for seaweed and jackfruit faux fish fillet
Finless Foods launches plant-based pokè-style tuna
Climate change is now on the menu at seafood restaurants
Is seafood traceability coming of age?
Fishing Without the Fish: Lab-Grown Seafood is on the Way
NMBU hosts multi-stakeholder alt-seafood session
Industry stalwarts back unique regenerative aquaculture group
On International Open Data Day, Experts Share How the Future of Seafood Could Rest With Artificial Intelligence
Can sustainable fish farming practices generate financial returns?
Ending overfishing is the only option
Cooking4Climate - Episode 1
DiCaprio and Bezos join Wildtype’s $100 million series B funding
Op-ed: Don’t Look Up – Or do and consider how mass media shapes public perception of blue foods
How sustainable aquaculture can help meet the growing demand for blue food
Bolsonaro backs “world’s largest” offshore aquaculture plan
Saving our seafood
New Tool Helps Seafood Businesses Fight Illegal Fishing
Stop overfishing or we’ll buy elsewhere, top UK fish firm warns European states
Stop overfishing or we’ll buy elsewhere, top UK fish firm warns European states
How fish can still be part of a more sustainable food future
Sea Scallops Farmed in Maine Aren’t Just Sustainable. They’re Helping Their Habitat.
Alt-seafood: how plant-based shrimp and scallops are blowing minds
Puerto Lopez’s big fishing problem
Cell-Cultured Seafood Maker to Compete for XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion
What is integrated aquaculture and how can it help feed the world?
Tuna Fishery Management in Eastern Pacific Has Faltered; Here’s How to Fix It
How artificial intelligence, insects and yeast can boost sustainable aquaculture
5 Farmed Fish Myths to Stop Believing
Can blockchain provide more transparent supply chains for seafood?
Revolutionising the aquaculture industry using soy-based feed
To Better Fight Illegal Fishing, Governments Advance Information Sharing and Capacity Development
Smart ways to help reduce bycatch and make oceans healthier
How effective is aquaculture at enhancing wild fish stocks?
Land-based salmon farming: key investment considerations
Billions in fishing subsidies finance social, ecological harm, report finds
How the seafood industry could chart the course between challenge and opportunity
Restorative aquaculture: Marine Cultures
Restorative aquaculture shows we can have more habitat, and eat it too
New environmental standards set for farmed fish feed
This Maine fishery makes the eel trade more sustainable
Data-driven, LED-powered smart fishing could help save ocean ecosystems
The robot fish making seafood more sustainable
Sustainable Seafood 101
How blockchain is protecting species and consumers from fish fraud
Aqua Cultured Foods Debuts Microbial Fermentation Whole-Muscle Cut Seafood Alternative
Here Are Three Sustainable Seafood Brands to Know for World Oceans Day
The 2021 World Food Prize recognizes that fish are key for reducing hunger and malnutrition
Ending harmful fisheries subsidies would improve the health of our ocean. This is why
What mitigating the pandemic can teach us about aquaculture sustainability
This innovative project fuses journalism and music to highlight lawlessness at sea
Report finds even more reasons to restrict bottom trawling
Ravaged by Fishing — An Oceanic Shark Emergency
Expanded Marine Protections Benefited Hawaii Tuna Fishery, Study Shows
Researchers highlight the importance of aquatic foods ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit
Breakthrough Study Shows No-take Marine Reserves Benefit Overfished Reefs
U.S. Fishery Managers Are Failing to Protect Marine Habitats as Required by Law
Is Your Fish Fake? Report Shows Rampant Global Seafood Fraud
Who holds the key to unlocking seafood traceability?
World Tuna Day: How sustainable are tuna fisheries?
Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions aims for bigger impact
Urchinomics: Series A Fundraise by the ENEOS Group and Large North American Family Office Signals Global Expansion
Second Outlaw Ocean Report Tackles Illegal Fishing and Labor Abuses from a Business and Technology Perspective
Acknowledging Blue Foods as Key to the Global Food Puzzle
Seafood Sector Giants Focus Action on Closing Ports and Supply Chains to Illegal Fishing
2021 Starting off Strong with a Traceability Focus
Sustainable Fisheries and Well-Being
Enter the era of cell-cultured seafood
Food waste helps secure future fish
How technology can help us achieve at least 30% ocean protection (commentary)
Farming fish in fresh water is more affordable and sustainable than in the ocean
Handing power to fishers could lead to more sustainable fishing
That Salmon on Your Plate Might Have Been a Vegetarian
The seafood sector and governments must join forces to combat illegal fishing
Ensuring the sustainable growth of the US offshore aquaculture sector
Revealed: seafood fraud happening on a vast global scale
Trawling for Fish May Unleash as Much Carbon as Air Travel, Study Says
Why insect production may have minimal impact on aquaculture sustainability
Global freshwater fish populations at risk of extinction, study finds
Researchers eye sea cucumbers as potential fish farming impact solution in Europe
As the oceans become more acidic, threat to sealife and industry grows, new study finds
Federal task force proposals set stage for new seafood trade strategy
Expanding Seafood Possibilities: Aquaculture Opportunity Areas
Eight Delicious Fish You May Not Have Tried
The Economic Importance of Seafood
Scientists and scallop industry team up to study effects of ocean acidification
Sea Grant awards $4.7 million to strengthen economics of U.S. aquaculture
NOAA and USAID join forces to help nations combat illegal fishing practices
Seafood giant Thai Union secures $400m in first sustainability loan
Helping small-scale shrimp farmers gain sustainability recognition
Eight small-scale Indonesian tuna fisheries earn MSC certification
Only a third of UK’s key fish populations are not overfished
Mapping of undersized fish, crustaceans may help sustainable fishing efforts
New report shows increasing momentum behind sustainable seafood
Aviva Investors and Sustainable Fisheries call on seafood companies to protect global supply
Building community through local seafood
Destructive fishing: An expert-driven definition and exploration of this quasi-concept
An Ocean of Opportunities: The Potential of Seaweed to Advance Food, Environmental and Gender Dimensions of the SDGs
Emerging Protein-Rich Ingredients For Aquaculture Report 2024
2023 Seafood Stewardship Index
The Crimes Behind The Seafood You Eat
Aquaculture Industry Review
Avoiding Aquafailure: Aquaculture diversification and regeneration are needed to feed the world
NOAA publishes a new Aquaculture Science Advice Handbook
Four Ways Blue Foods Can Help Food System Ambitions Across Nations
NOAA Launches Inaugural Five-Year Aquaculture Plan
How to Trace $600 Billion
The Tide Turns Toward Renewable Aquaculture Gear
BrightTALK: Investing in Sustainable Seafood
How scientists are working to restore the world’s embattled kelp forests
Saltwater Farming
Risk and opportunity in the seafood sector
The Business Case for Sustainable Seafood
Aquaculture and Nature-based Solutions
Restorative Aquaculture for Nature and Communities
Global Principles of Restorative Aquaculture
In-Depth 92-Page Introduction to Tilapia in Sub-Saharan Africa
Impact Investing in a Sustainable Ocean and Global Fisheries
Direct and ancillary benefits of ecosystem based fisheries management in forage fish fisheries
Blue ticked off: the controversy over the MSC fish ‘ecolabel’
Habitat value of bivalve shellfish and seaweed aquaculture for fish and invertebrates: Pathways, synthesis and next steps
CREO Investment Report Release: Aquaculture Value Chain
Positive Social-Ecological Feedbacks in Community-Based Conservation
Discussing the global importance of the aquaculture industry
Information Sharing Is Key to Ending Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing
The role of aquatic foods in sustainable healthy diets
Bonds for Ponds: Green Bonds Can Assist Aquafeeds Transition
Can Blue Bonds Finance a fish stock recovery?
Traceable Returns
‘Aquafeed 3.0’: creating a more resilient aquaculture industry with a circular bioeconomy framework
A Safety Net for Ocean Fisheries: The Case for Stronger Protection of Essential Fish Habitat Under the Magnuson-Stevens Act
Animal welfare risks of global aquaculture
The Outlaw Ocean: Business and Technology Solutions that Address Illegal Fishing and Labor Abuses in Seafood Supply Chains
The Outlaw Ocean: An Exploration of Policy Solutions to Address Illegal Fishing and Forced Labor in the Seafood Industry
Exploring the future of fishery conflict through narrative scenarios
A 20-year retrospective review of global aquaculture
Looking Back on a Legacy of Seafood Sustainability
Cell-Based Fish: A Novel Approach to Seafood Production and an Opportunity for Cellular Agriculture
Accelerating Sustainable Seafood