Speak Up For The Ocean Blue


Speak Up For The Ocean Blue raises awareness of the variety of ocean science and conservation projects conducted all around the world. It educates you, the listener, on the different Ocean Conservation Projects that are happening around the world. By listening to our guests, I hope to inspire you to live an ocean-friendly life through their stories and the information I provide to guide you towards a living a life that will be healthy for the Ocean. On the podcast episodes, I discuss, sharks, marine mammals (whales, dolphins, manatees, sea lions, seals), seabirds, fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel, cod, etc) as well as ocean issues like climate change/global warming (ocean acidification, increased sea temperatures, sea level rise, arctic melting, changing weather patterns), water pollution, plastic pollution (single-use plastic), coastal development, overfishing, whale hunting, fish poaching and more.

Andrew Lewin

5 Episodes


On this episode of the How to Protect the Ocean podcast, Reagan Kelly from Better for All discusses the journey to creating fully compostable cups. Discover how these cups are... more

Today on the How to Protect the Ocean podcast, host Andrew Lewin speaks with Katrina Ryan, the founder of Mindfully Wired. Katrina discusses how her company is dedicated to helping... more

Andrew Lewin dives into the topic of small islands and their responses to climate change. Highlighting a recent study examining 1,000 islands, the episode explores how these islands are adapting... more

This episode explores the resiliency of coastal communities in small island states like the Philippines and Honduras. The focus is on organizations like RARE and their projects, such as Fish... more

Andrew Lewin shares insights on his publishing schedule and how he stays consistent with content creation. He emphasizes the importance of doing what works for you and what you are... more

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