Speak Up For The Ocean Blue


Speak Up For The Ocean Blue raises awareness of the variety of ocean science and conservation projects conducted all around the world. It educates you, the listener, on the different Ocean Conservation Projects that are happening around the world. By listening to our guests, I hope to inspire you to live an ocean-friendly life through their stories and the information I provide to guide you towards a living a life that will be healthy for the Ocean. On the podcast episodes, I discuss, sharks, marine mammals (whales, dolphins, manatees, sea lions, seals), seabirds, fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel, cod, etc) as well as ocean issues like climate change/global warming (ocean acidification, increased sea temperatures, sea level rise, arctic melting, changing weather patterns), water pollution, plastic pollution (single-use plastic), coastal development, overfishing, whale hunting, fish poaching and more.

Andrew Lewin

14 Episodes


Meet Jaelen Myers, an inspiring marine biologist who has turned her love for aquatic life into a successful academic career. Hailing from Illinois, Jaelen completed her undergraduate degree in environmental... more

Northern Right Whale Threats The North Atlantic right whale is an endangered species, and its presence near lobster fishing areas can pose a threat to the whale population. The main... more

Join Inaki Ruiz on his journey to save the oceans, but be prepared for the unexpected twist that will leave you inspired and questioning what more you can do to... more

I discuss the unusual behavior of a sub pod of critically endangered orcas off the coast of Spain. Since 2020, these orcas have been ramming sailboats, causing damage and even... more

Thao Nguyen is a travel content creator with a background in marine conservation. She shares her inspiring journey, from doing graduate work on Marine Protected Areas in Indonesia to working... more

Are you tired of feeling frustrated and powerless in the face of misinformation about climate change? Have you been told to simply recycle and turn off the lights, only to... more

Just when I thought I understood the delicate balance between nature and human intervention along coastlines, the Dunes project revealed an unexpected twist that left me stunned. Get ready for... more

Sargassum, a type of giant seaweed, has been washing up on the shores of Florida earlier than ever before. Sargassum is a brown algae that forms large mats or blobs... more

Canada has implemented a ban on single-use plastic products as part of its goal to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030. However, environmentalists are concerned about the increasing use of... more

Indigenous communities in Hawaii are reviving an ancient stewardship and conservation system known as ahupua'a. The system divides the islands into long wedges running from the mountains to the ocean... more

Google has been found to have monetized videos promoting climate crisis misinformation on YouTube as recently as April 2023, according to a report by the Climate Action Against Disinformation coalition.... more

Transport Canada has announced 10 measures to protect the critically endangered southern resident orcas off the British Columbia coast, including mandatory speed zones in two areas near Swiftsure Bank, fishing... more

A new book argues that the social sciences, including anthropology, economics, human geography, political science, psychology, and sociology, are key to effective conservation. Conservation Social Science: Understanding People, Conserving Biodiversity... more

The How To Protect The Ocean Podcast has always been a podcast for people that wanted to learn about living for a better ocean and about the people who were... more

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