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Welcome to the Seaweed Zone! Our goal is to provide easy, centralized access to all the seaweed related content on the site, including investments, research, books, films and art. We chose seaweed as our inaugural Zone because it has generated a lot of buzz over the past months due to bold global initiatives, deep research and multiple investable opportunities. Start with Seaweed 101.

Seaweed 101: The Potential of Seaweed Aquaculture in the Blue Economy
Taking the largest seaweed bloom on the planet and turning it into valuable materials that combat climate change
Plastic pollution: Can seaweed end problem?
From plastic to seaweed: Julia Marsh on regenerative design
Bloom: From food to fuel, the epic story of how algae can save our world
Seaweed Alzheimer’s Drug Approved for U.S. Clinical Trials — First New Drug in 17 years
After Geoengineering
Making Houses Out of Seaweed
The Curious World of Seaweed
Eat Like a Fish
Is Seaweed The Answer To All Our Problems?
Seaweed Chronicles
Could Seaweed Snacks Help Restore the Oceans?
The stage is set for seaweed startup success
Global seaweed farming accelerator launched
Twinning aquaculture with marine conservation
Seaweed farms significantly reduce nitrogen, pollution - TAU study
WHOI Advancing a Seaweed Solution to Develop New Kelp Strains
Is Kelp the Next Big Ingredient in Alt-Meat?
Rebalancing the Indonesian seaweed industry
Why the future of carbon should be blue
Assessing the habitat benefits of kelp aquaculture in New Zealand and Maine
Can you eat to save the climate?
Algae roast anyone? Our changing tastes could help save planet
See inside a seaweed farm as it grow its carbon-sequestering crops
Restorative aquaculture shows we can have more habitat, and eat it too
Why New England is going wild for wet weeds
Blue Farming® for sustainable and organic agriculture from Seaweed Company
Here Are Three Sustainable Seafood Brands to Know for World Oceans Day
The next big thing in plant-food? Sustainable seaweed.
Monitoring the Collapse of Kelp Forests
These 4 start-ups are using seaweed to help save the planet
Seaweed Solutions
How otters, urchins and kelp help to gauge the fragility of ecosystems
Scientists Are Breeding Sea Stars in a Lab to Rehabilitate Warming Oceans
Seaweed quadruples fish immunity, study finds
This startup grows kelp then sinks it to pull carbon from the air
Blue Carbon California: Incorporating Blue Carbon Science into Climate Policy Solutions
Move over, corn and soybeans: The next biofuel source could be giant sea kelp
Seagrasses and mangroves can suck carbon from the air
Encouraging coastal communities to engage with seaweed aquaculture
Seaweed could make cows burp less methane and cut their carbon hoofprint
Soil and Seaweed: Farming Our Way to a Climate Solution
Could Our Energy Come from Giant Seaweed Farms in the Ocean?
Federal grant could help to quadruple US seaweed aquaculture volumes
Seaweed 'forests' can help fight climate change
Role of kelp forests in mitigating climate change under threat
Alaska Kelp Farming: The Blue Revolution
Can Macroalgae Save the Planet?
New biofabricated clothing made from algae goes through photosynthesis just like plants
Cultivating an ocean food revolution
New Research to Explore Seaweed for Ocean, Economic Health
Conserving the foundation of life in the ocean
Methane-Busting Seaweed Farms on Track for 2021 Production
Seaweed 101: The Potential of Seaweed Aquaculture in the Blue Economy
Why Seagrass Could Be the Ocean's Secret Weapon Against Climate Change
Seaweed biotech facility opens in New Zealand
Is seaweed the solution to agriculture’s methane problem?
Plans to create a $60 million seaweed farm unveiled
How planting 70 million eelgrass seeds led to an ecosystem’s rapid recovery
Food, fertilizer, fuel: Why the worldwide demand for seaweed is growing
Forget planting trees: This company is making carbon offsets by putting seaweed on the ocean floor
The ocean farmers trying to save the world with seaweed
Global investors boost New Zealand red seaweed farming venture
Seaweed: The food and fuel of the future?
Steps toward a sustainable seaweed industry
The seaweed start-up that's set to slash livestock methane emissions
Urchins and Kelp
Seaweed based feed could see methane emissions from cows reduced
Can seaweed help curb global warming?
Forget Fracking, Sustain seaweed
Blue carbon as a natural climate solution
Seaweed As a Nature-Based Climate Solution Vision Statement
Evaluation of nutrient bioextraction by seaweed and shellfish aquaculture in Korea
A global spatial analysis reveals where marine aquaculture can benefit nature and people
Exploring the potential for marine aquaculture to contribute to ecosystem services
Habitat value of bivalve shellfish and seaweed aquaculture for fish and invertebrates: Pathways, synthesis and next steps
Discussing the global importance of the aquaculture industry
A case for seaweed aquaculture inclusion in U.S. nutrient pollution management
The role of aquatic foods in sustainable healthy diets
‘Aquafeed 3.0’: creating a more resilient aquaculture industry with a circular bioeconomy framework
Effects of depth-cycling on nutrient uptake and biomass production in the giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera
In Hotter Climate, 'Zombie' Urchins Are Winning And Kelp Forests Are Losing
Will Northwest Seaweed Farming Finally Take Off?
Red seaweed (Asparagopsis taxiformis) supplementation reduces enteric methane by over 80 percent in beef steers
Environmental DNA identifies marine macrophyte contributions to Blue Carbon sediments
Seaweed Revolution: A Manifesto for a Sustainable Future
Hidden champion of the ocean: Seaweed as a growth engine for a sustainable European future