Save The Queen - Docuseries Project
Issuer: Fathom Brands
Save The Queen - Docuseries Project
Save The Queen - Docuseries Project





Save The Queen - Docuseries Project
Issuer: Fathom Brands

An episodic adventure docuseries about the rapidly declining Bahama's Queen Conch population and why one man's legacy and another man's promise are its last chance to survive. 

The Demise of Conch

The conch population in the Bahamas is on a devastating decline. Overfishing and loose regulations have pushed many pockets of conch communities below the critical level needed for mating, according to recent scientific surveys. That means conch in these regions, primarily queen conch, may be denied the opportunity to reproduce, leading to potential extinction of the iconic Bahamian marine mollusk.

A recently-published paper predicts overfishing could spell an end to Bahamian conch in as little as 10 years. There’s not enough mature conch staying in the water to reproduce and produce offspring to sustain the fishery into the future.

Value of Conch

The queen conch is an icon of Bahamian heritage and a staple in the culture. It has been used for centuries for food, decoration, jewelry, bait for fishing and musical instruments. The livelihoods of fishermen, vendors, restaurant owners, seafood wholesalers and processors depend on healthy conch populations. As a fishery resource, conch contribute over five million dollars to the economy annually. The impact of declining conch populations affects many.

This is a massive issue that few are paying attention to aside from one person: Mr. Berhnard aka “Mr. B.”
Leaders of the Revival

Mr. B launched the Hummingbird Cay Foundation and conch hatchery on a small, private island in the Southern Exuma Cays, where conch restoration is the forefront of its mission.

Mr. B enlisted Dr. Megan Davis, a top Aquaculture and Sock Enhancement scientist and professor to figure out exactly how to address the shrinking population. Her work in the field has led her to be one of the most influential scientists working with conch. Years and years of research and development took place on the island - leaving Dr. Davis’ team with a very viable solution and hopes to boost the number of conch in the sea.

Mr. B befriended and mentored Ryan Chadwick, a New York entrepreneur and restaurateur who has a shared passion in conservation and protecting ocean species. Mr. B shared his wealth of knowledge and hatchery plan to Ryan. And before Mr. B passed, Ryan made Mr. B a promise to see his dream fulfilled and work to save queen conch.

Ryan is taking the torch from Mr. B and working with scientists, local fisherman and vendors and conservationists on a mission to bring back the conch to the people.

Looking to raise money to complete this 6 part docuseries. 


Ryan Chadwick is a serial entrepeneur, restauranteur and explorer. His hospitality ventures are located in New York City, Aspen, CO and Montauk, NY. For many years, Ryan dedicated his time toward controlling and educating about the invasive Lionfish - with his Lionfish wholesale fishery which suppied restaurants across the country and Whole Foods stores. 

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