Reducing Shipping Fuel Consumption, Noise and GHG
Issuer: Parker Maritime Technologies
Reducing Shipping Fuel Consumption, Noise and GHG
Reducing Shipping Fuel Consumption, Noise and GHG





Reducing Shipping Fuel Consumption, Noise and GHG
Issuer: Parker Maritime Technologies

Parker Maritime Technologies, LLC has developed a new technology based on proven science that quickly and inexpensively reduces fuel costs, GHG emissions and sound in our oceans. The 90,000 commercial scale vessels currently at sea threaten marine life and our environment; and shipping is projected to double by 2040.


Fuel costs for ocean transport have risen by 41% in 2021 and are expected to rise further. IMO targets, and government regulations demand 50% reductions in GHG emissions by 2050. 90,000 commercial scale vessels pose threats to marine life support verifiable efficiency now. Marine ecosystems are also threatened by ocean transport noise pollution.


PMT technology, under patent protection, offers shipowners and operators the following:

  1. Rapid installation (<1 week)

  2. Waterborne installation (no dry-dock required)

  3. Saves > 5% of fuel costs on < 3-year payback;

  4. Substantially reduces noise pollution thereby enhancing ocean health;

  5. Cleans hull at sea and in port; and

  6. Enhances users’ reputation as a globally responsible corporation.

Business Model

  • Efficiency system sales (hardware, software) with long-term maintenance contracts
  • Direct sell through to major shipping operators.
  • Wholesale to major service providers
  • Convert to efficiency as a service (EAAS) at market traction with monetization of carbon credits
  • Long term maintenance contracts
  • Operational and marine data collection

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This system is supported by numerous patents and patents in progress by the USPTO and PCT supported overseas.

The Founder and CEO holds a science-based doctrate, has over 30 years of seagoing experience, holds numerous patents supporting this effort, has been awarded the Stockdale Award for inspirational leadership in the US Navy and is the recipient of an Emmy for best nature documentary in his advisory role in the movie, Sonic Sea.

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