Proteus - the future of our ocean Coming soon
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Proteus - the future of our ocean


Proteus - the future of our ocean

To offer scientists and academics an essential state-of-the-art research lab and a platform to give rise to disruptive scientific breakthroughs in areas such as medicine, genetics, sustainable energy and food cultivation. The FCOLC’s vision is that Proteus™ will be a catalyst to improve the health of humanity and the oceans upon which all life relies.

​ Core to FCOLC programming this year is the initial design and development of Proteus™. Proteus™ will redefine the way we go about deep-sea exploration and research. Scientists tell us that they need advanced tools like a technologically advanced underwater station and habitat if we are to expect breakthroughs, in part because anything that gives them more time at greater depths is a huge benefit to advancing ocean-based research, given the challenges and difficulty of time in deeper waters.

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