Proteus - the future of our ocean
Issuer: Investable Oceans
Proteus - the future of our ocean


Proteus - the future of our ocean

Proteus is the International Space Station of the Ocean, an onsite observatory, research lab and habitat.

As a multi-purpose marine platform, Proteus is the future of commercial ocean exploration. It is an essential tool that will significantly contribute to accelerating R&D in industries such as: renewables, food sources, medical, biotech, pharmaceutical, biomechanics, and technology. Proteus will spur innovation and, importantly, engage the world with the ocean. Proteus will harness the rising demand from private and public end-users to utilize, explore, capture and commercialize ocean data, research and media content.

Led by visionary, ocean explorer, and conservationist Fabien Cousteau, Proteus presents an unprecedented opportunity to live and work at depth. With conventional scuba, because of body chemistry, divers are limited to a few hours underwater per day. When living underwater, however, work hours are only limited by the need to sleep and eat. A habitat expands time to explore at depth, which significantly impacts budgets for anyone wanting to do ocean research.

It is imperative we begin to increase research capacity and our knowledge of the ocean. Creating the future requires vision, ingenuity, resolve and capital. We are looking for passionate partners to help us unlock the value that lies beneath the ocean’s surface, and to contribute to solving issues that will change our collective future and history.


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