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Plastics 101: Blue Economy Opportunities and Considerations to Reduce Ocean Plastics
French team designs ocean cleanup yacht that feeds on plastic trash
App predicts where plastic waste will collect
MARLIT, artificial intelligence against marine litter
From plastic to seaweed: Julia Marsh on regenerative design
The Ocean Cleanup Unveils Plan to Address the Main Source of Ocean Plastic Pollution: Rivers
Amsterdam has a bubble barrier to catch canal plastic
Ecological Six Pack Rings
Kenyan Engineer Recycles Plastic Into Bricks Stronger Than Concrete
Cargo Ships: The Solution to Ocean Microplastic Pollution?
The Plastic Solutions: The business model that works for the oceans
Plastic Ocean
Scientists find bug that feasts on toxic plastic
The end of plastic? New plant-based bottles will degrade in a year
10 cleanup initiatives you probably never heard of
Ooho Water, the edible bottle
Basia Goszczynska
Basia Goszczynska
Basia Goszczynska
Ocean Plastic Pollution Flows From More Rivers Than Previously Thought
Better product design and recycling can curb plastic waste
The Recycling Industry in America Is Broken
Building the Business Case for Zero-Plastic Waste Investing
4 Ways to Reduce Plastic Pollution
Eliminating microplastics in wastewater directly at the source
Sir David Attenborough Backs New Tech That Can Recycle All Plastics
New surveys reveal heightened concern about ocean pollution
Plastic pollution disproportionately hitting marginalized groups, UN environment report finds
Could plastic roads make for a smoother ride?
Artificial intelligence software detects ocean plastics from the air
The future of the plastics industry is green
U.S. Continues to Ship Illegal Plastic Waste to Developing Countries
Plastic bags recycled into fabric to fight pollution
Where does plastic pollution go when it enters the ocean?
6 environmental documentaries we all need to see
How Paving with Plastic Could Make a Dent in the Global Waste Problem
California Lawmakers Propose Package of New Laws Tackling Plastic Waste Reduction
New algorithm can analyse plastic pollution in the ocean
How Can Governments and Economies Prevent Ghost Gear?
5 Not-So-Fun Facts About Plastics in the Arctic
As Plastic Pollution in Rivers Gets Worse, Species Are Increasingly Living on Litter
Coca-Cola company trials first paper bottle
Is It Possible to Forever Rid the World of Single-Use Plastic Bags?
MARLIT, an artificial intelligence-based app to study floating marine macro-litter
How can investors help create a plastics economy that works? Event roundup
Recycling Myth of the Month: Plastic waste is not just a 'developing country problem'
Industry endorses plan to recycle 70% of plastic packaging globally
New Plastics Economy report offers blueprint to design a circular future for plastics
Bold solutions needed to end marine plastic pollution
Progress on circular economy required to address plastic pollution
Blue Vision? Progress by the G20 on marine plastic pollution
The Plastic Pandemic
Repurposed: Adding value to aquaculture via recycling
New rules to tackle ‘wild west’ of plastic waste dumped on poorer countries
550 Groups Ask Biden to Solve Plastic Pollution Crisis With Eight Executive Actions
Seaweed based feed could see methane emissions from cows reduced
Global Treaty on Plastic Pollution Gains Momentum
IUCN Issues Brief: Marine plastics
Why Plastic Pollution Is a Producer Responsibility
More than 1000 rivers account for 80% of global riverine plastic emissions into the ocean
Pandemic Pollution: The Rising Tide of Plastic PPE
Water pollution by plastics and microplastics: A review of technical solutions from source to sea
Finding Plastic Patches in Coastal Waters using Optical Satellite Data
The New Plastics Economy: Catalysing action
The United States Federal Strategy for Addressing the Global Issue of Marine Litter
Measuring Our Success: How Better Data Can Help Keep Plastic Out of the Ocean
A Sea of Plastics Claims and Credits: Steering Stakeholders Towards Impact
The Plastics Landscape: The Challenges and Possible Solutions
River plastic emissions to the world’s oceans
China’s plastic import ban increases prospects of environmental impact mitigation of plastic waste trade flow worldwide
Plastics 101: Blue Economy Opportunities and Considerations to Reduce Ocean Plastics
Navigating Plastic Alternatives In a Circular Economy
The global biological microplastic particle sink
Breaking the Plastic Wave: A Comprehensive Assessment of Pathways Towards Stopping Ocean Plastic Pollution
Airborne microplastic particles detected in the remote marine atmosphere
Addressing Marine Plastics: A Systemic Approach – Recommendations for Actions
Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made
Evaluating scenarios toward zero plastic pollution
Motivating actions to mitigate plastic pollution
Message in a bottle: Open source technology to track the movement of plastic pollution
Plastic pollution is killing marine megafauna, but how do we prioritize policies to reduce mortality?
The Brand Audit Report 2020